Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Andy Pettitte- The Last of the Good Guy Pro Athlete?

For one of the first times I can remember, a player has actually been proven honest and for the first time in MLB history "it really wasn't about the money". Yes, folks, Andy Pettitte finally came to his sense and took a lot less money than was originally offered and a whole lot less than he could have gotten elsewhere simply because "he only wanted to play for the Yankees".
Yesterday afternoon, it was announced the Yankees resigned Pettite to a 1 year $5.5M deal (with incentives to earn up to another $6.5M more). He was originally offered a "take it or leave it" 1 year $10M offer, but I guess they only meant "take it or leave it or take less money". Either way, it was a great job by Cashman for getting his guy at a bargain rate and a face saving move by Pettitte.
Pettitte was the guy every Yankee fan considered to be a "true Yankee". The group of Pettitte, Jeter, Posada, Rivera, O'Neil and Tino were not just the cornerstones of 4 Yankee franchises, they were "good guys", ""clean guys" in an ERA bereft of them. Andy was a reminder of the glory days of '96-'00. He's the guy who apologized to the public in light of his HGH and steroid allegations. He was the anti-Clemens. And all that was about to be washed down the drain when he spurned the initial Yankee offer and was reportedly talking to the Dodgers and other teams with reports of 3 years $40M on the table. All the "he's such a good guy, a real Yankee" talk was turning into "he's a greedy bastard and a lyer just like the rest of them". His moving last spring press conference was another lying athlete trying to reclaim his good graces just to get another fat contract. Well, for one day all that was saved and we finally have something and someone positive to root for again in the greedy game of professional sports. Good job Andy. Yankee fans will have more thing to cheer about when you take the mound in the New Yankee Stadium.

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