Monday, November 24, 2008

New York- Capital of the Football World - Week 12 NFL thoughts

It's been a long time since football reigned supreme in the Capital of the World as it does this fine Monday, the 24th of November, 2008. Not since Week 11 of 1986 when the New York J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS started 10-1 and the New York Football Giants began the season at 9-2, has both team sat upon the Football World looking down at their competition. The Jets defeated the last standing undefeated team yesterday (Tennessee Titans) in convincing fashion 34-13, while the Football Giants cruised to another victory against a division leader; this time defeating the Arizona Cardinals, 37-29.
When the Jets signed Allen Fanacea and Kris Jenkins and made the biggest off season splash by trading for Brett Favre, they only hoped they would reach this type of success this quickly. TPC told everyone, even while the Jets were struggling early on this season that they would be serious AFC contenders, that Brett Favre brings them instant credibility and hope to a franchise that has always lacked both (in 1986 the Jets lost their last 5 games, won a wild card game and then missed 2 late FG's against Cleveland that would have gotten them into the AFC Championship game). TPC as always, was right. Favre is a serious MVP candidate. The Jets have an excellent offensive line, a dominating defensive line-primarily against the run, and an improving secondary. They have balance on both sides of the ball and a leader that they believe will get them over the top. And Mangini, a coach that has been much maligned by The People's Champ, just had his finest hour against the Titans.
The Giants just continue to roll. Without Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress, the Giants offense still managed to put up 37 points against a division leader, with Eli Manning playing a flawless game, going 26-33 with 240 yards and 3 TD's, proving once again he is the single most indispensible player on the New York Football Giants. The Giants also proved that Jacobs must be signed next season as he sets the tone for the entire running game. Ward and Bradshaw don't have the same effect without Jacobs and his 260+lb body beating on the opposing defense 20+ times a game. The Giants have now won their last 5 games against opponents that were a combined 28-13 coming into the game. That is domination folks. The Giants will more than likely have home field throughout the playoffs, and no one, and THE PEOPLES CHAMP says NO ONE, will be coming into Giants Stadium and beating the Football Giants in January. The Giants can start booking their tickets to Tampa because that's where they will be the weekend of Feb. 1, 2009, defending their Super Bowl XLII title in style.

In other games:

Denver continues to show everyone how Jay Cutler is a statistically good Quarterback but in reality, average at best. They also continue to show that Mike Shanahan still cant build a defense and cant compete with a team that plays a more physical game than they do.
They also cant defend the pass at all. Even Jamarcus Russell was awesome against them, going 10-11 with 152 yards and a TD for an almost perfect 149.1 QB rating (almost triple his 52.2 abysmal rating for the season). Yep, throwing against the Broncos is as tough as hooking up with Tara Reed after her 9th cocktail.
The Falcons continue to roll led by Matt "Ice" Ryan and Michael Turner. Where are all the Turner prediction jokes now? Huh? Where? Turner now has 1100 yards and 13 TD's and we have 5 weeks to go. The Falcons destroyed their division rival Panthers and are now a game behind the Panthers and Bucs. Folks, welcome to the Mattie Ice Era. Get used to it because this kid is here to stay and he is already amongst the NFL elite.
I dont think I remember two worse 8-3 teams than the current Panthers and Bucs. Is anyone actually scared to face these guys?
The Steelers improve to 8-3 as Big Ben finally gets his act together, but as TPC has said all season, the Steelers are not a serious threat because they have a very weak offensive line and get bullied by tough physical defenses (as the Giants and Eagles proved).
Speaking of the Eagles, has there ever been a bigger enigma than Donovan McNabb? When he's on his game there is no one more fun to watch, no one who can bring all the elements of the game together quite like he. However, when he's off (or when the pressure increases) he turns into Dave Brown. He's just awful. Not to mention, how does anyone associated with an NFL team not know there are regular season ties? My six year old son knows this, how does a franchise QB who has played 129 NFL games, thrown for over 28,000 yards, run for another 3000+ not know this? Someone please get a hold of McNabb's Wonderlic test. Please.
Matt Cassell made himself $30M-$40M richer the last two weeks and will make some NFL franchise make a $30M-$40M mistake next season. I still dont understand why NFL coaches dont cheat the safeties in on this guy and make him beat you over 15 yards. He hasn't proven he can do it. Make him. He's got great mobility and great accuracy throwing underneath, why not make him get away from his strengths?
Well, I guess the Cowboys really did miss Mr. Romo. Once again proving that the NFL QB is the single most important player in professional sports. Dallas looks like a different team on both sides of the ball just with Romo playing. He gives the team hope which makes everyone step their game up a notch.
It's the same in Minny, where Ferrotte has the Vikings tied for the division lead with the Bears at 6-5. He's not in Romo's class, but he's also a far cry from Tavaris Jackson. No wonder the Vikings are now a credible threat in the NFC's Norris Division.
Looks like Manning and the Colts are somewhat healthy again these days, Vinatierri showed once again how clutch he is and all those people who TPC warned shouldnt bury the Colts just yet are having Jason Voorhees flashbacks.
The Chargers are now officially done and it's because of these reasons, in order:
  • Norv Turner should not be a head coach in the NFL. Period. (for more info go to FIRENORV.NET). He is a failure everywhere he goes taking a team that was a play away from the Super Bowl just two years ago (and a 14-2 record under Marty Schottenheimer) to a team that is now 4-7 in the worst divison in football. Just inexcusable. He should not be coaching next year.
  • Shawn Merriman being injured and/or not being juiced up was a tremendous hit to their defense. It also showed what lack of character and heart their defense has. The Giants lose Strahan and Osi and are still cruising along because of character and talent. The Chargers have talent, just no character.
  • LT, the greatest all around RB I have ever seen, has lost a few miles off his fast ball. He's no longer the same LT as we knew and awed. He's now just a good NFL back and that's not good enough for that offense. That offense is built around LT making things happen.
  • Phil Rivers is not as good as his statistics show him to be. He makes big mistakes in inopportune times- mostly of the careless variety. They made the right call by keeping Rivers over Brees, but only financially as Brees is the much better NFL QB.
While looking ahead to Thanksgiving (TPC gives thanks to the Creator many days EVERY day) TPC would like to be especially thankful for Thursday with 3 games of National Football League Action. TPC is not thankful tht he has to wait all day to watch the high flying Cardinals, led by MVP candidate Kurt Warner play The Donovan Wonderlics. Well, you cant have everything...........

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Garnett-Gate- The most despicable event in Fantasy Sports History

This week in The Shark Tank, The Wild Samoans (TPC's team along with DTA) experienced the single most despicable, vile, and lowly move in the history of fantasy sports.

(Here's the link from the Draft Review so you can refer to the players involved- click here).

Here is the sequence of events:

NOV 19th 5:13 PM, the Ducks write this post (keep in mind the Ducks are in the bottom 3 in the league currently, albeit early in the season).

The Ducks are Panicking Early Posted by: Jeff (Ducks)

Message ID: 137 Nov 19 5:13pm

We are making KG or Granger (NOT both) very available. We will trade one of them for TWO very good players. That does not mean 1 good player and a scrub. That means TWO very good players. If we get a fair offer we will accept first come first serve. To encourage trade submissions, we don't intend to wait to compare offers. We intend to accept the first offer that we feel helps us. So a deal could happen quickly.

Duck Views: Remember, 2 very good players.

By 6:30, TPC and The Ducks work out a deal where the Ducks send Kevin Garnett to The Wild Samoans (currently in the top 3 in the league) for Marvin Williams and Rudy Fernandez. The deal helps both teams, but especially The Wild Samoans.

(Now, keep in mind that this league has an insane rule that if 4 managers decide to Veto the deal FOR ANY APPARENT REASON (or as the Commish so eloquently explained, for "displeasure").

Dolph Schayes veto's right away, going nuts and even calling the Ducks out for trying to sabotage the league and colluding to help the Wild Samoans (Dolph Schayes is managed by the same person that ran Fat Mats last season, the team as stated in the draft review that tanked the first half of the season, purposely benching his best players, so he could win the Most Improved Award, a prize that goes to the team that gains the most teams post All Star Break).

The N Connection quickly jumped on the Schayes bandwagon, vetoing the deal, and calling for The Ducks to have their team locked from making any moves and be thrown out of the league. Perhaps because his team is also on the bottom and he's in danger of not winning his 3rd staright title, or perhaps because he didnt get KG-we'll get to this soon.

BONZNNUTS, managed by the incorigible Barzini, veto'd the deal as did one other squad- making the neccessary 4.

The Commish (who's in 4th place) quickly pulls the "cancel trade" button without finding out why the deal was made, why the veto'ers vetoed, going strictly by The Rule. He then questions the Ducks integrity, locking his team from making any moves, without a) finding out why the deal was made, and b) without even looking if the deal helped the Ducks (which TPC so brilliantly pointed out in a later post, how it helped the Ducks). Keep in mind, the Commish has been in over 10 leagues with the Ducks and has seen the Ducks
-TPC bitter history and the Ducks integrity (which has never been questioned).

TPC in all his eloquence and his Tag Team partner, DTA, in his typical wrath, layed the Smackdown on the League. It was like a Royal Rumble with the newest entrant cleaning house. People's Elbows, Sweet Chin Musics, Pedigrees, Tombstones, and of course some Stone Cold Stunners. As Jim Ross would say "They're cleaninghouse. It's Pandemonium here. The Wild Samoans are IRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEEE!!!!!!!!!'.

The Ducks showed similar disatisfaction. They made a deal that clearly helped them (TPC in his analytical brilliance, posted the exact FACTUAL statistical help it brought the Ducks). They knew The Samoans got the better of the deal, but they didnt care. They made the deal in good faith and bettered their team. There was a litanny of posts regarding The Ducks character (all of which have since been apologized for) , regarding how The Samoans robbed them and they (specifically Dolph) would have made MUCH better offers, etc. There were also complaints of "not having enough time to make an offer", "I would have made a better offer" etc, without actually reading the Ducks post stating he wouldnt wait and he will accept the first offer he feels helps his team.
What was missing from all the posts was one legitimate reason why the trade was vetoed. Not a single one. You know why? There wasn't any. Yes, The Samoans got the better of the deal (as TPC told Ducks in a private email PRIOR to any one post), but they did it fairly. The reason why it was vetoed was simple. It helped The Samoans too much. An insane reason to veto a legitimate trade that helped both squads.

The Commissioner, if he cared about the leagues integrity and not about his personal pursuit of the leagues title, would have listened to all parties (trade participants, trade vetoers, other league members) and then held a league wide vote for a veto, and not listen to a couple of message board posts 10 minutes after the trade was done.

By the way, the Ducks havent posted them yet, but he will be posting all the other great offers (interestingly many teams, including the ones that vetoed the deal and claimed they would make better offers, didnt make one offer).
So what happened? The Ducks re-Shopped KG. The Samoans disgusted by the leagues actions, pulled out of the running and The Ducks traded Garnett to N Connection, of all the self serving hypocricy we have seen so far, N Conectiion getting or even bidding for KG is unfathomable, detestable and should have never been allowed by the Commish, for two slightly better players than the ones in the Samoans deal, albeit a few days later and after the fact. (in defense of The Ducks he doesnt really know all the players involved, and wasnt aware that the N Connection was the same team as the vetoing squad that called for his teams expulsion of the league. I assume he wouldnt have dealt with him if he did know).
What did we learn from all this?

1) The Commish known as Forties and Dimes in most leagues and the Yeshiva Bochers in this league) handled this matter in a disgraceful way, letting his personal motivations get in the way of the leagues integrity, standing on The Rule as his reason for the quick Trade Cancel, rather than waiting and hearing for reason from the league (interestingly if this would have happend the trade would have gone through as I will explain). In his posts he defended the leagues actions, he exaggerated and misquoted the Ducks original post to make the Ducks look worse (until TPC called him out and posted the EXACT post as seen above fromn the Ducks). All the leagues managers apologized to both the Samoans and Ducks for screwing us, EXCEPT the Commish (who generally is a great guy and good fantasy player) and his brother, Brazini the Knucklehead.

2) The Ducks gained respect from the league for being a team that although is currently in the bottom half of the league, a team that will try to improve and take a consistent stand on the issues.

3) Barzini was again showed what a fool he was as he then vetoed the second Ducks deal AFTER ALL THIS, for no reason but because he is a considerable morn and really should be committed to the closest mental institution. Seriously, the guy is off his rocker and he is a menace and threat to normal society. You dont believe me? Here's his exact post vetoing the second Ducks trade for the second time (yes, I assume the guy is sleazy enough to think his Commish brother is stupid enough to count them as two vetoes. Wait, let me inform theCommish, He actually might not realize this and Barzini can now veto deals all by himself.........).

vetoPosted by: barzini (Boneznnutz)
Message ID: 274 Nov 21 4:24pm
3 years of the nconnect raping little incompetent clowns ends here!!!! Veto , veto , veto nyet no hell no LO! nay nischt Barzin the Dream stop pannicking 9 games into the season !!!!

4) We found out-in practice-why this is the most ridiculous rule in the history of fantasy sports. How is it that less than 50% of the league can veto a deal by not allowing it- especially for no specific reason other than "displeasure"? This is ridiculous considering there is no reason or basis for a veto. "Displeasue" is enough. TPC's opinion is simple. If there is a trade negotiated in good faith and no collussion or chaeting is involved, there should never be a veto. Plain and simple being a good mananger and negotiator shoudl not be held against someone. Ridiculous.

5) the N Connection showed what a sleazy, hypocritical Fantasy Bastard he really is (he's a great guy in real life....) by posting initially That the Ducks should be thrown out of the league, their team locked, vetoing the deal without giving any reason and then going ahead and trading for the SAME PLAYER INVOLVED IN THE VETO. Am I crazy here, or is this the most insane thing of all time in fantasy sports??????

6) Dolph Schayes, after last years fiasco and now this, might have finally seen the light as he came forth apologizing to The Ducks and Samoans and rescinded his veto (albeit after the fact- as did two other teams, which if the Commish handled this right, the trade wouldnt have been vetoed).
If nothing else maybe Dolph Schayes becomes a better man for al this. If that's the case, maybe it was worth it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lesnar, Cy Young, Jets- Pats, Yankees and more random thoughts from TPC

Tomorrow Night marks the biggest night in the young MMA career of the Phenom that is Brock Lesnar. For those who don't know, Lesnar is a former National Wrestling Champion while at the University of Minnesota and then turned "Pro" as "The Next Big Thing" in the World Wrestling Entertainment company (WWE). Lesnar is a physical specimen of size, speed and brute strength, non of which has been seen before in the UFC. Lesnar carries a 2-1 MMA record against one of the All Time great UFC champions, Randy Couture into tomorrow's heavyweight Title Bout. Couture, a former NCAA wrestling champion himself comes into this fight with a storied career. "The Natural" has held the Heavyweight belt three times and the Light heavyweight title twice, with storied victories over Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and Tim Silvia. he has however never faced someone of the likes of Lesnar.
Despite the obvious size, strength and speed advantages of Lesnar, he is an extremely inexperienced MMA fighter, and despite his recent destruction of Heath Herring (in most impressive fashion) he got caught into an early submission by former Champion, Frank Mir, in his previous bout, despite dominating Mir early.
What's TPC's take? It says here, despite Couture's savvy and experience he is very similar in ways to Lesnar, except he's giving up way too much size and strength to Lesnar. Lesnar will attack and pound Couture and will be rewarded with not only the Most Watched UFC bout in history, but with a world title to boot.

I have little problem with Tim Linsecum winning the NL Award. Statistically he was the best pitcher in the NL this season. He was second in the league in Wins despite playing for a very poor team, he was first in K's and second in ERA. However, my vote would have went to Johan Santana, who single handedly kept a reeling Mets squad in the playoff race until the final day of the season, didn't lose a game from June on, was FIRST in ERA, the most telling of pitchers stats, had only two less wins than Linsecum despite the horror that was the Mets bullpen, all this while pitching in incredible pressure situations, must win games, every time he took the mound from mid August on. Linsecum didn't pitch in a meaningful game all year. Somehow, Brandon Webb and his almost a run more per game ERA than Santana finished first. As always, the voters are idiots.
Which brings me to the AL voting. It was a foregone conclusion that Cliff Lee and his unbelievable season would finish first. Now, Roy Halladay had a great season and deserved his second place finish, but how does any voter justify his vote for Halladay over Lee? It makes no sense. I just need one reason. Please.

The Yankees made a great move yesterday that is quietly being swept under the rug with the CC Sabathia sweepstakes going on. Swisher is a Yankee type player in the late 90's mode. Hard working, hustling, versatile, and most important he has a great eye. That means extra pitchers for the opposing starter and it means more men on base for Arod and the boys. yes, Swisher had an awful year last year (he hit only .219) but lest keep in perspective:
He hit 24 Homers and walked 82 times. He's a switch hitter and he's only 29. He also only makes $3.6M a year, which is about $15M less a year they would have to pay Texiera to play 1B.
I think it's a great move and will be one of the more understated reasons for the Yanks return to prominence next season.

Finally, the Jets excorsized a lot of demons last night. Brett Favre played an amazing game, virtually unstoppable, especially with the game in the balance. The problem was, and this will haunt them at a later time, Mangini did not adjust one thing after the Patriots made their adjustments, which almost cost him the game. They did not pressure Cassell. They let a QB who has shown to be very skittish while being pressured, be as comfortable as possible in the pocket, and let him pick them apart underneath, which is all he can do as he cant throw an accurate pass over 15 yards. Mangini should have sent 6-8 men at him at all times and let him beat them deep (which he should he couldnt do). They played right into his hands and let him attack the Jets with his strengths (underneath stuff and his legs). Good coaches take away the other teams strengths. The Giants did that by attacking Brady in the Super Bowl and it paid off. The Jets almost paid for it.
I think the Jets are the most talented all around squad in the AFC. They have a good offensive line, a very good RB and QB, a great defensive line and maybe the best all around CB in the league (Reeves)and an immense weapon in Leon Washington. They also are handicapped by Mangini's coaching and I'm not sure he can get them past a playoff game. I hope I'm wrong as it would be great to see two New York squads battling for Football Supremacy, I just don't see it happening unless Mangini changes in a hurry.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bo-MJ-Tiger-"Taste Great Less Filling"- Great Sports Commercials

My good friend and fellow blogger (and constant commenter on The People's Blog) The Ducks, recently wrote an article detailing his list of the greatest sports commercials. As always, the Ducks spoke off the cuff, didn't do proper research and did a half toochas job on the specified task. TPC commented on his site but instead of doing his job on his site, TPC lists his favorite commericals, in no particular order, here, live on TPC:

1. The King Of Sports Commercialism, Michael Jordan has a littany of great spots, and some would (and probably correctly) argue that he could take up most of the top 10 (anything with MJ highlights brings goose bumps to TPC). Here are some of TPC's favorite MJ spots.
2. Probably second only to MJ in commercialville is Tiger. here's a sampling of his greatest work.
3. Bo knows. Without BO, there wouldn't be an MJ or Tiger.

4. Another NIKE classic. Armstrong as a boxer, Aggasi as a Red Sox, Randy as a bowler, etc...

5. Maybe the Greatest Ad Campaign Ever.
6. Chicks dig the long ball. Maddux and Glavine doing it Rocky style.

7. Without Sports, this wouldn't be disgusting.

8. The ESPN spots........
9. Mean Joe Greene and the kid. Maybe the most classic commercial of all time.

There are many more, but these are the top of my list. I think. Enjoy the links.

Flying the Friendly Skies-TPC style

TPC was fortunate this week to fly out to California (Los Angeles) on business and went the only way TPC can go- First Class (at least when his client pays).
Here are some thoughts on the trip:

  1. TPC flew Continental for the first time in years and for the first time ever in Continental's First Class. Usually TPC takes American (bearable) or USAir (barely bearable) when going cross country First Class, Jet Blue otherwise. Well, TPC is glad to say Continental rules! Seriously, a very pleasant trip, good food (Kosher of course, which we will get too- USAir doesn't even offer first class passengers a kosher meal), very nice flight attendants (in the customer service meaning, not in the Singapore Air meaning), great seats and plane and an overall good experience. The People's Champ fully endorses Continental Airlines.

  2. Where's the Political Correctness when it comes to Kosher Food? Why am I the only guy that has to rip apart 14 packages before I get to my barely edible meal? Seriously, if this were in a different setting, like a kid with special needs had to do something in this strange manner, how do you think it would be handled? I would venture to say everyone would have to have double wrapped meals and deal with it, as to not offend the "special one". Well, this "special one" demands the same! Double wrap for everyone!

  3. Whenever you fly NY to LA, there is a good chance you will have some sort of celebrity or celebrities on your flight. I had a few going. I don't know who they were but there was an attractive blond in her mid 20's I suppose who wore a baseball hat and sunglasses until she got in her seat (directly across from me) and then relaxed when she was amongst the other First Classers (she was definitely not an A lister as I would have then known her). Same type of story with the guy next to her (either her boyfriend, or friend, or .......who really cares. he seemed like a dweeb). TPC is thinking of going the all day all night sunglass route ala our celluloid heros and Corey Hart.

  4. I then saw a guy I actually knew, Robert Lasardo, aka Manny and Father Mateo from General Hospital. See, TPC watches GH, at least when he goes to bed and his wife is watching SoapNet (and GH is on from 10-11). However, it's not all bad. There's some international espionage, mafia-gangsters, acceptably attractive females (although not too attractive as to threaten you're wife/girlfriend- the secret to Grey's anatomy success, IMO) and a computer genius who would have been the 3rd wheel if Bill and Ted had a third Wheel (Spinelli). Okay, it's very gay, but I really have no choice unless I want to sleep on the couch and that aint happening (at least by choice). Anyway, I see Lasardo (who I instantly recognize because of his famous tatoos) and notice the guy is TINY. He always portrays extremely scary, tough guys and on the screen, he always comes across that way. In person? (besides seeming like a really nice and pleasant guy) He's TINY. I think in a full contact to the death match, The People's Little Champ (now a Yellow Belt and in First Grade) would take him. Seriously, he's listed as 5'7" on, but he isnt an inch over 5'3" and doesn't weigh more than 120. Tops.

  5. TPC loves the First Class free drink policy. American usually serves Glenlivet. The best I could on Continental was Jack Daniels and a splash of diet coke, but 3 or 4 does the job extremely well (especially when they are doubles). The key? Make sure you have the aisle seat, unless you really want to piss off the guy next to you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are our worst enemy

Saving me an incredible amount of time and thought, Debbie Schlussel wrote a very good article on the State of the Liberal Jew and how we our worst enemy.

Click here

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Little Light For a Dark Day

The People's Champ is usually right in his predictions (Cassel has been awful, Turner has been good, C Johnson is the Best Rookie RB in teh league, etc) , and knows All is Min Hashemeim, however TPC is scared that the Republic formerly known as the US of A, and soon to be known as the USSA (United Soicialist Republic of America) is in biiiiiiiiig trouble.

So what do Heiligah Yidin do in these times besides Daven and Learn a little more than usual? They bring the light of comedy into the world.
Here is a little treat I thought you would love. I know I did.

Week 9 and Midseason NFL Thoughts

It's pretty clear that the NY Football Giants are defending the SB unlike any other team since the 2004 NE Patriots went back-to-back with a 14-2 record.
The Giants are blowing away teams even when they dont play their best game (like Sunday). They have a defense that is better today than it was when they conquered history, SB XLII and the 18-0 NE Patriots "greatest offense in NFL history". They have a franchise QB, 3 outstanding RB's, a good receiving core, and a great coaching staff. I'd be shocked, barring an injury to Manning or Tuck, if the Giants don't win at least 13 games and go to the SB.
I'm not as sold on the 8-0 Titans. Yes, the defense is solid, Chris Johnson is the most exciting player in the AFC right now, Kerry Collins has been very good so far, but I dont see them beating the Steelers, and possibly even the Colts and Chargers in a big game (even though the Colts have an uphill battle just to get there).
Speaking of the Titans, what an awful job by FOX on Sunday. How do you televise an amazing game (Titans -GB Sunday), have the game go into OT and then with the Titans lining up for the winning FG in OT, they cut out to 4 minutes of commercials. Now, as Mushnick wrote in the NY Post Monday, I understand the NFL TV rules (when the local team is playing the network must cut to their game, no questions asked), however, that isn't an excuse to just play 4 minutes of commercials prior to the kickoff. We just needed 15 more seconds to see if the FG was good (which it was). I mean, only a perfect 8-0 record for the Titans was riding on it. Damn FOX.
Well, TPC said Derek Anderson will be a bust and as usual he was right (insert you're Selvin Young jokes here). Brady Quinn takes over for the struggling Anderson vs. The Putrid Denver Broncos. Quinn will do just fine at the helm.
What happened to Cutler? After week 3 he was being hailed as the Next Great Thing, now he's just a regular young QB who gets very jittery, very quick. I think he'll right the ship, but there's a long way to go before he attains "superstud" status.
The J-E-T-S are 5-3, one more win than they had all of 2007 and are currently in First Place in the AFC East. With the Patriots being average at best, and Buffalo falling off a cliff, it seems the Jets and Dolphins could steal this division, amazing as that may sound.
Chad Pennington has been brilliant for Miami and deserves MVP consideration.
The Jags are done. Too many injuries to their offensive and defensive lines have left them crippled. They will be back in 2009.
I'm still not sure what to make of these Colts. Yes, they easily could be 1-7 (instead of the 4-4 record they currently own), the defense is awful (as usual) and the offense if not nearly what it once was. However, Sanders just returned and Manning has finally looked like Manning the last two weeks. I'm not ready to bury them just yet.
How awful are the Raiders? You can make a very good case that they are the worst franchise in sports over the last 6 years (21-57). Their franchise QB looks lost, they drafted a RB #1 this year when they had two decent backs and no offensive or defensive lines. Things look very bleak for the Silver and Black.
I still think the Chargers make a run and win the AFC West, but without Merriman they dont have enough defense to compete for the AFC title.
I dont think Baltimore is as good as their 5-3 record and I dont think Cincy is as bad as theirs 1-8.
Dallas will rebound big after their bye week, but I dont think they pass Washington, Philly or TB for the Two Wild Card spots. They need to dump Phillips and get a real head coach.
Philly is solid, but their whole season hinges on Westbrook playing at full strength. He's that good and important to that squad.
Washington plays good hard defense, but doesn't have the offense to win anything. Campbell might have been interception-less prior to last night, but he also doesnt take many chances.

The Vikings are looking very good with AP running and Ferrotte throwing. They are as formidable as any outside the NFC East. The Bears are in big trouble sans Orton. He's been a major reason the team is 5-3.

I love Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. Both look like stars of the future. I would take either over Cutler today. However, I dont see either making it to the playoffs this year.

Detroit is a joke and teh Culpepper signing just adds to the punch line. What's the point of signing a washed up QB halfway through the season for an 0-8 squad? Shouldnt they be seeing what the current guys have and what the future holds? Dante is definitiley not the future.

Who would have thought the NFC South would have all 4 teams at .500 or better at the midway point?

I still don't believe in Carolina. They are 5-0 at home, which make sthem a very dangerous home team, I just dont see them beating the NFC East Boys in the playoffs.

I love Arizona and the are making the Peoples Preseason Sleeper Team prediction look great. They practically clinched their divison, Kurt Warner is having an MVP season, they have a great offense and an improving defense. Go Cards!

First Half AFC MVP- Albert Haynesworth, The best player on the best defense and the best team. Honorable mentions: Chad Pennington, Phillip Rivers and Carlton Finnegan.

First Half AFC Best Rookie- Chris Johnson.

First Half AFC Coach of the Year- Jeff Fischer with a close second to John Harbaugh.

Biggest AFC disappointment- I like to say the Chargers D or Jacksonville, but injuries have decimated their respective teams. I'm going to go with Peyton Manning. Basically at career lows in every meaningful QB category, he's a very big reason for the Colts dismal first half. Dishonorable mention: JaMarcus Russel and Derek Anderson.

First Half NFC MVP- Kurt Warner. He has his team with a 3 game lead in first place, has played magnificent at QB (leads the NFC in QB rating, TD's, Completion %, and has only thrown 6 picks). Statistically he's been better than the more acclaimed Brees and his team is also better. Honorable mentions: Brees, Jason Tuck and Michael Westbrook.

First Half NFC Best Rookie- Matt Ryan. He's played great, both iin reality and statistically and has his team at 5-3. His future looks very bright.

First Half NFC Coach of the Year- Mike Smith, Atlanta. He took over a reeling franchise that was hurting big time from the Michael Vick saga, has a Rookie QB starting and has his team in contention and totally transformed the climate in Atlanta. There is a future in Atlanta.

NFC First Half biggest disapointment- The Cowboys. Even with the Romo injury their defense has been putrid. Dishonorable Mentions: Marc Bulger.