Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiger Ready To Roar

In just a few short hours, the World's Most Dominant Athlete, will make his return at the Accenture Match Play Championship against unheralded Brendan Jones.
What should we expect? Well, Tiger has already said he feels healthier than ever, his legs don't have pain for the first time in years, and his short game is "better" than ever before because all he could do for a while was pitch and chip. This from a guy who already had the best short game in golf, and probably in the history of the game.

We should expect Tiger to do exactly what he did the last two times he came off surgery, and that is win. He will win the Accenture because he's Tiger Woods. And that is what Tiger Woods does. And the fact is the rest of the tour knows that, too. Therefore, the intimidation factor of "I am Tiger Woods" will only get stronger with his victory this week.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Superman Does it Again- Check out this Video

Dwight "Superman" Howard does it again with this amazing shot in pregame warmups.

N.Y. Rangers Fire Tom Renney

N.Y. Rangers fire coach Renney amid losing skid

The Rangers slowly slipping out of playoff contention have finally let go Coach Tom Renney.
The Rangers had dropped to 31-23-7 after a stretch in which they lost 10 of their past 12 games, slipping to sixth place in the East after starting the season winning 10 of 13. Renney was 164-121-42 with the Rangers in his 5 seasons with the squad.

When Renney took over this team, the franchise was old, reeling and totally non competitive. He changed the atmosphere around the rangers and changed their culture which gave them a lot of success the last few years (having Lunqvist in goal didn't hurt either). he also single handedly saved Glen Sathers job, who for the love of G-D cant understand how he is still employed by an NHL franchise.

Renney was a classy coach. a good coach, however as the old saying goes "you cant replace 25 players but you can replace the coach" so Renney needed to go. The Rangers were reeling and the coach needs to take that blame.

A few thoughts.

1- The Rangers in the past three years have not been able to build an effective power play and this year they have dramatized that by also giving up a league leading 14 short handed goals. It is the coach's responsibility to right that wrong. Renney couldn't do that despite having talent (although in his defense his blue line talent is horrid).

2- The Rangers were playing listless and were not focused. They would play 20 minutes, then take 10 off, then play 10, etc. They took two Too Many Men ON the Ice Penalties yesterday, which was a direct result of their focus (or lack thereof). The coach's fault.

3- He was not able to get the most out of any of his players. Pretty much to a man this season, across the board, the Rangers were all having their worst seasons ever as pros- except King Henry. The Coach needs to get the best out of his guys and Renney couldn't do that this season.

Renney was a good coach in a tough situation. Sather gave him a roster without any ability to make moves because of the salary cap mess Sather got into. He has 3 good defenseman. That's tough to maneuver.
The Rangers need Sean Avery back in the lineup and they need a coach that will keep them in the rears and get them back on track. It's a sad day for the Rangers because they fired a good man and a good coach, but there was little choice left.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Drug A-Rod used illegal in Dominican Republic

Drug A-Rod used illegal in Dominican Republic

Well, if you thought things couldn't get worse for A-Roid- think again.
A few points to consider here:

1- A-Roid was with this "alleged" steroid trainer everyday (even rooming with his now infamous cousin) during his historic 2007 season.

2-Primobolan was not available for legal purchase, over-the-counter or with a prescription in his country between 2001 and 2003 according to the official in charge of the Dominican equivalent of the FDA. Therefore, A-Roids cousin wasn't buying this stuff legally in the Dominican.

3- All this proves what many thought after his press conference. He lied again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

UAE will allow Israel's Ram to play in Dubai

UAE will allow Israel's Ram to play in Dubai

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What a joke. The UAB has shown their true colors and are not as they want to portray themselves "as a moderate Arab nation". They are your typical, racist, Jew hating nation as the other Arab nations. As always, actiosn speak louder than words.

The real loser here is the ATP. If they had any cajones, they would have pulled all tournaments and events after Shahar Peer was not allowed a Visa to enter the UAB to play in her scheduled Womans ATP event.
What would the PGA tour have done if the UAB didn't allow Happy Gilmore into the country to play in an event?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kings- Bulls in 5 Player Trade

ESPN.COM is reporting the Bulls have sent Andres Nocioni , Drew Gooden and Cedric Simmons to Sacramento for Brad Miller and John Salmons.
This is really bad news for Salmons owners as he will most likely come off the bench for Chicago behind Luo Deng.
Stay tuned as this might be the prelude to another Chicago deal.............

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Greatest Sitcom Character of All Time

Inspired by my hero, ESPN's The Sports Guy, I decided to take his Cheer's vs. Seinfeld argument to the next level (a work of journalistic genius). I am going to try and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Climb Mt. Everest with a bottle of Poland Spring and some trail mix. Take on Tom Brady and the Greatest Offense in National Football League History with a washed up Michael Strahan and some spare parts. Ummm, scratch that. Tom Coughlin did that first.
Where we are going is where no man has gone before. To a galaxy FAR FAR AWAY. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's..................The Top 11 Greatest Sitcom Characters of All Time .

With respect to the G.O.A.T. of sports talk radio, we're gonna kick this off, Mike and the Mad Dog Dog style.........
"ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND, Good afternoon everybotttttttttttty. Mike and the Mad Dog live from TPC Memoral Stadium, we're going to give you................The TEN BEST SITCOM CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Dog (in a much too subdued Francessa voice) that's exactly what we're gonna do today. We're gonna bring in the Seinfelds, the Cheers, the Taxi's, some surprises that Gelb's gonna get us. It's gonna be a great show"
"Mikey, I can't even control myself. This is even bigger than Giants Baseball and Arod blowing it again against the 'Sox. Mikey, you don't get bigger than this".
"Dog, you got the Seinfeld crew. Quite possibly the greatest squad, top to bottom of all time. You got "Cheers", you know, Norm, Sammy, hmmm, who can leave out Clavin", you got stuff like "Good Times", "The Honeymooners", Ya Got.
"Mikey, funny you go there with the "Honeymooners", you got some hummmina hummina working over there for you! HAHHAHAHHHAAA Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BABY!"

With that intro, and respects to J.J. Evans, Mr. Woodman, George Jefferson, Al Bundy, Screech and of course the Big Ragu , in no particular order.............

(ED NOTE: Click on the names of the Characters for some great clips)

Alex P. Keaton- The quintessential Young Republican, born to two former hippies, now Super liberals, Alex defined a generation that moved from the liberal 70's to the Reaganomics of the 80's.

Archie Bunker- Archie was the guy everyone knew growing up in their neighborhood. Bigoted, hard working, hilarious, and deep down a really good guy. His conservative values battling against his son in laws (Rob Reiner's "Meathead") were classic television battles.

Vinny Barbarino- "What?" "Where?" "Why?" Who knew the Head of the Sweathogs would become such a freaked out Scientologist?

Jim Ignatowski- Before there was a Michael Jordan, there was Dr. J. Before there was Guns and Roses there was Led Zep. And before there was a Kramer, there was the Reverend Jim. Maybe the greatest comedic scene of all time took place when the Reverend was taking his drivers test "What does a yellow light mean" "Slow down" "Ah, oka. Whaaaaaaaaat doooooooes a yellooow light meaaaaaan".

Norm Peterson- Quite simply, the creator of the greatest entry in TV history. One such example. "Norm, how's the world treating you". "It's a dog-eat-dog world, Sammy, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear". Also the title of the Greatest Beer Drinker in TV History.

Sam Malone- Sammy, despite being a former Red Sox pitcher, was the most complex character on the second best show of all time, Cheers, despite his seemingly shallow exterior. Second only to the Fonz as TV's greatest ladies man, Sammy conquered all.

Arthur Fonzerelli- Anyone who grew up in the 70's, and I mean anyone, wanted to be like The Fonz. Everyone wanted to wear a a black leather jacket over his T Shirt and jeans, put their thumbs up and say "Aaaaay". The Fonz just snapped his fingers and the chicks came a running, knocked on the jukebox and the music started playing (ever wonder why Arnold never got upset that The Fonz played the jukebox all those years for free?). Interesting that he started off as a bit character on Happy Days and became it's leading character just a short time in.

Cosmo Kramer- " all right the cat is meeoooow out of the bag. I'm Cosmo Kramer and that's who I'm going to be". Much like Jordan to his Dr. J, Kramer took the zany character that the Reverend Jim created and took it to the next level. Kramer's entrances were classic in that Kramer used pure body movements and wacky sounds to create great comedy.

Ralph Kramden- TV's first great sitcom character, the great Kramden has stood the test of some fifty years and is just as funny today as he was when it all began in 1955. The classic blue collar worker trying to get ahead in post war America, Kramden pulled out all the stops and became one of American Pop culture's most recognized characters. "Baby, your the greatest".

Dr. Frasier Crane- Frasier was the longest running successful character in sitcom history. Starting off as a bit character on Cheers, when Diane left him at the alter, Dr. Crane developed into one of TV's greatest characters. Frasier's constant attempts at breaking in to Upper Class Society was the definition of his character.

George Costanza- The G.O.A.T. of sitcom characters, bar none. George took an unemployed (until he did the opposite) bald man who lived with is parents to unprecedented heights. The key to the G.O.A.T. of TV Sitcoms, George 's demented character was the definition of great comedy. Being I'm not in the mood to get into George in greater detail......."Now you listen to me: I want details and I want them right now. I don’t have job , I have no place to go… you’re not in the mood: well you get in the mood"

"No one’s bigger idiot than me". "Every decision I have ever made in my entire life, has been wrong. My life is the complete opposite of everything I wanted to be. Every instinct I have, in every aspect of life, is it something to wear, something to eat, it’s all been wrong".

"Yeah, I’m a great quitter: it’s one of the few things I do well… I come from a long line of quitters. My father was a quitter, my grandfather was a quitter… I was raised to give up"

"Do you realize in the entire history of western civilization no one has successfully accomplished the roommate switch. In the middle ages you could get locked up for even suggesting it"

"Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank god that you know me and have access to my dementia?"

"I don't want hope. Hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless. When you're hopeless you don't care. And when you don't care, that indifference makes you attractive."

Yes George, you might be all those things. You're also the greatest sitcom character of all time.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Marion- O'Neal and Moon Deal Fantasy Impact

In case you haven't heard, Shawn Marion (a card carrying member of The People's Champ in his Fantasy League) has been dealt along with Marcus "No Factor" Banks to Toronto for Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon.
Here's the breakdown from a fantasy perspective:

Marion- Marion should have an immediate boost in value for a number of reasons. First, he was playing in a system in Miami that was centered around Dwayne Wade and his shot first approach (not that there's anything wrong with that.....). Marion is an extremely talented and gifted athlete who has very little one on one skills. He is not a player that can create his own shots. He needs to be fed in transition to be most effective (as he was in Phoenix). Toronto's offense is run through a classic pass first point guard in Calderon and this will only help Marion. Second, Miami had no identity besides Wade. Beasley is an offensive weapon they haven't been able to utilize. They have no effective big men. Marion just got lost in the shuffle. Funny as it might sound, Toronto has a much more defined role system. I think Marion gets his averages closer to 18 points 10 rebounds without the other numbers falling (if anything just increasing).

Bargnani- Bargnani should have an immediate upside impact as he should replace O'Neal as the Raptors starting center.

O'Neal- O'Neal should have the same numbers generally, maybe a little upside in boards as he will have no one to compete against for them as he did with Bosh in Toronto.

Beasley- Beasley should step into the starting small forward role in Miami and will become the second option to Wade as Miami's main scorer. Since he wasn't starting the first half of the season his minutes increase shouldn't have the negative "rookie wall effect" that most have.

Moon- Moon should become either the 6th man in Miami or the starting small forward, either way he will be replacing the Marion role, which should have an increase in all his stats across the board.

All in all this trade will help all fantasy players involved.

Why Arod-Gate will Help the Yanks

It happens almost every year. The Yankees sign the best and brightest (and of course- most expensive) of the Free Agent Class, have a blow out press conference, all smiles and back slapping, and then the business of actually playing baseball starts.
Usually around the middle of May the fans get impatient because the $10-$20M a year guy is hitting .230 or the pitcher is sporting a 5.76 ERA and we all remember the focus and attention in NY is unlike any other place, especially after someone signs a huge contract. The pressure is enormous even for the best of them.
It happened to Giambi, Arod, Pavano, Abreu, Clemens, etc, it always takes time for the player to adjust. The main reasons are simple 1) getting used to living in a place like NY, and 2) getting used to the constant media and fan pressure which a big contract brings upon oneself in a place like NY.

What the whole Arod saga did was make people forget (and the scrutiny on Arod will only get bigger once he reports to camp and when the book comes out in May) the big contracts signed by Sabathia, Burnett and Texiera. Amazingly, living in NY I haven't even heard a peep about the Big Three in weeks. Normally, the pressure and scrutiny -especially- on Sabathia and Texiera would be so great, they would be hard pressed to succeed right off the bat. It's rarely done here in NY. Mussina had some early success, but other than him I don't recall a big Free Agent that got off to a fast NY start. Arod has helped these guys immensely and in turn the Yankees, amazingly as that might sound.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Farve from Retired

Brett Favre told Jet officials today he is retiring. Uh huh.......When have we heard this routine before? You think maybe you can understand a little bit better what Packer brass were going through the last three years, especially with a stud like Rodgers on the bench?

In my opinion this retirement will last until about May, when somehow another job will open up (you think Minnesota would like to have Favre?) or possibly even in training camp when some incumbent starter gets injured and the team is scrambling for a veteran QB. Either way this is good for the Jets. It allows them to move on and still save face without having to cut Favre.
It also gives them compensation when he will pull the inevitable "Unretire" and goes to another squad.
As wrong as I was about Favre coming to NY, he still gave the team instant credibility, was a key factor in turning around a 4-12 team to a 9-7 season (as well as an 8-3 team to 9-7), and still caused multiple orgasmic reactions from the talking heads at ESPN and the like, not to mention John Madden got one more year out of his Greatness.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Reaction to Arod

Here are some of my initial thoughts to date on the Arod situation .

1- It's a disgrace and somehow very convenient that out of a list of 104 players (of a supposed anonymous test) Arod's is the one name we know. It's BS. And although Arod is 100% wrong, this witch hunt directed at him and him only is unfair. I think these sources need to be held accountable.

2- Arod did the right thing to an extent by admitting he was wrong and stupid. He took the path that has shown the most forgiveness (ala Pettite and Giambi) and went away from the denial path of Bonds and McGwire. However, he didn't come off that well in the interview. How can he not know what went into his body? Just say what you took and move on. Let's get over this already. there's no more downside for him. Every admission would only help his cause now.o

3- While this taints things, the bottom line is this is the first guy that has come out that was a steroid user and his performance stayed the same post steroids (he has been continually tested since 2004- although there still isn't an HGH test out there). I think Arod's records are legit as opposed to Bonds, McGwire and Sosa who all had a huge increase in production with the 'roids and all basically fell off the map after they were exposed. Arod was exposed in 2004 and still has performed at an amazingly high level since.

4- Stop talking about past guys and they didn't use PED's First off, there has been steroids around since 1960's and we don't know who was or wasn't on it. Every Hall of Famer and ex-player you hear from the 50's-70's you hear talks about the obscene amount of amphetamines they took in order to be able to play and stay focused. Why are they given a free pass? Why just the steroid guys? Plus, steroids was technically legal in baseball up to 2003 assuming they were under a physicians care. Why only the steroid guys? Why is he different than the guy who was popping amphetamines to play at his level? The answer is there is no difference, so everyone in the media should get off their hypocritical high horses and get back in touch with realty.
Guys in the NFL get a 4 game suspension and move on with nothing to worry about after sterpoids and guys in baseball fail one test and they are done for life. Why the hypocrisy?

Uriah Hall Wins the Title

As a follow up to Friday's article, Sensei Uriah Hall knocked out James "B-52" Smith, Friday Night at Combat at the Capitale to win the WKA East Coast Muay Thai Championship Belt.
Hall dominated the fight using his full arsenal of weapons, starting the fight connecting on a Superman punch, followed that up knocking down Smith with a left leg round kick that landed squarely across the jaw of Smith and finishing off the first round Knockout with a barrage of powerful right hands that sent Smith barreling through the ropes.
Congrats to Sensei Hall, TSMMA and specifically the Cedarhurst School where he is the Head Instructor.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Uriah Hall goes for Muay Thai Title

The People's Champ would like to wish his MMA instructor, Sensei Uriah Hall, good luck tonight in his Pro Muay Thai Regional Championship at The Combat at The Capitale.
Sensei Hall is currently undefeated as a Professional Fighter (10-0). He is the #1 ranked Light Heavy Weight in the WCL, a Professional Kickboxing league run by Chuck Norris (I know, Chuck Norris doesn't really run.....The world orbits around him...). His opponent tonight is the current US Kickboxing Champion James "B-52" Smith. Hall defeated Smith in their last fight after avenging his only loss to date EVER in the ring, a decision he lost to Smith in his first Amatuer fight.

Bring the belt back home! OSU SENSEI!

Here's one of Sensei Hall's Fights. Enjoy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Thoughts

For the first time since I was legally able to drive (30+ years), due to a stomach virus, The People's Champ watched the Super Bowl alone in the friendly confines of The People's Palace. Ironically, The People's Son attended his first Super Bowl party this year at the age of 6. And he didn't even bring me home a beer!

We've read and heard all the cliches and all the accolades. A game for the ages. The Greatest Super Bowl of all Time, etc. etc. We've had four days to digest the results, so without further ado, here are TPC's post Super Bowl Thoughts.

Big Ben finally lived up to his potential, not withstanding a pretty pedestrian game besides the opening drive and the final game winning drive. He was brilliant on the final drive of the game with the title and his legacy on the line. Remember, his first Super Bowl was the worst performance EVER by a Super Bowl Winning QB (he ended with a 22 QB rating which would make guys like Dave Brown even laugh). His final stat line was 21-30 256 yards, a TD and INT. Nothing extraordinary, except he lit it up when he needed to. I still think he is a bit overrated but he showed me something there and now will probably be replacing Brett Favre as the "most gushed over QB who isn't nearly as good as people think he is".

You think Phillip Rivers is feeling the heat about now?

Kurt Warner played a great game, and possibly the greatest stretch of 15 minutes a QB has ever played in the NFL. His 4th Quarter numbers were 15-21 257 yards and 2 TD's against what people were calling one of the great defensive teams of all time. Warner proved once again what a great QB he is, how tough he is and what a big game player he is. Again, he is the best QB not named Tom Brady we have seen in the last 10 years and a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Larry Fitzgerald is at a level now that hasn't been seen since Jerry Rice. With the game in doubt all he did was score two 4th Quarter TD's, one on one of the most exciting plays in history.

The play they called a fumble on Warner at the end of the game, when they didn't even take time to review (and if they would have it would have been ruled an incomplete pass, setting up a dramatic Hail Mary situation with Larry Fitz going up for the ball!) is one of the most curious things we have seen ending a game in a long time. HOW DO THEY NOT REVIEW THAT PLAY??????????? HOW MUCH DID THE REPLAY OFFICIAL HAVE ON THE STEELERS MONEY LINE TO NOT REVIEW IT?????????????? Just a friggin joke.

For all the heart and courage the Cardinals showed, their coaches did an awful job all game. Four things off the top of my head.
  1. The Steelers Secondary was playing way back. The Cardinals played into their hands all game until the 4th Quarter when they went hurry up and forced the Steelers to adjust. Why did they wait?
  2. On the same note, why did it take them until the 4th Quarter to get the Best WR in Football involved in the offense. This is a classic mistake by over matched coaches. Instead of making them adjust to you and having them stop your best guy, you use your best guy as a "decoy". It NEVER works. NEVER. The numbers by Fitz were great, imagine if they would have used him the first 3 Quarters? There's a reason Phil Jackson won so much. It's because his best players were always better than the other guys and he made the other guy stop his. That simple. Jordan and Shaq were never decoys. You wanted to beat them you had to stop their Big Guys. Only Duncan was able to do it.
  3. On the same token, the Pittsburgh offense did ZERO from the second drive of the game to the final drive. How did the Cards accomplish this? By pressuring Ben into making bad throws. This also eliminated a horrible running game (I told you all before the Super Bowl the Steelers Offensive Line is awful and the Cards will be able to get to Ben and stop their run). So what did the Cardinals do on the final drive? They took their foot off the pedal and let Ben drive down the field unharmed. Just utter stupidity and another reason why you never play the prevent D. I don't get how experienced and seasoned NFL coaches always do this.
  4. How do the Cardinals allow the only good and healthy receiver on the Steelers constantly beat them (Holmes, who played a brilliant game)? How do you not adjust and double this guy? How do you let an inexperienced corner get burned by Holmes all day long, without making a slight adjustment? Just horrible coaching there.
With that being said, it was an incredibly exciting 4th Quarter and a relatively boring game up to that point. Yes, Harrison gave us some fun on his play (I would have sworn the Cardinals were done after that play. Amazing how they were able to comeback from that) but other than that and some decent play by Warner and the Cards D, not much happened after the first few drives.

The Boss brought it. "Born to Run" was the single non nipple revealing moment in Super Bowl Halftime History. There's a reason he's called The Boss.

I can't wait until I get the Fantasy Football 2009 Draft emails...... Only a few months away.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bets- TPC Gives out the Props

I like the Cards getting the 7.
I like the over 46 but don't love it.
I like the Cards +115 to record the games first sack.
I like the Steelers -115 to make the games shortest FG.
I also like the Steelers -110 to make the longest FG.
Take the 3rd Quarter, +285 for most points scored in the game.
Take the over 2 1/2 for how many times NBC shows Brenda Warner during the live telecast. You also get +135 for that.
Take the Cards +550 to win the game by 7-12 points.
I like the Steelers -105 for their first Offensive TD to be passing.
Also take that bet +250 that the their first score period will be a passing TD.
I like the Cards +120 to have the games first intereception (caught not thrown).
Born to Run +125 will be the Boss's closing Song at halftime.
Take Larry Fitz +460 to win Super Bowl MVP.

Feeling Super

All season long, The People's Champ has been riding the theme of what a great and underrated QB, Kurt Warner really is. TPC has also said on numerous occasions that the Steelers really aren't as good as everyone thinks. What force will win in the end? The 2nd great Cinderella story of Warner's career or the Mighty Steelers Defense getting ring #6 for their storied franchise and famous Steel Curtain D?
The Cardinals are easily the most overlooked team to ever make it to the Super Bowl. Forgetting the fact that they have won more playoff games this year (3) than their last 61 years combined. Forget that they finished 9-7 and won what was arguably the worst division in NFL history. Besides beating the 2-14 Rams and 4-12 Seahawks (with 2 of their 4 wins coming at the expense of the Rams), the Cards finished the season losing 37-29 to the Giants, 48-20 against the Eagles, 35-14 against the Vikings and 47-7 against the Pats. amazingly just two weeks later they beat a heavily favored Falcons team, then they knocked off the #2 seed in the NFC (the Panthers) and then beat the same Eagles where the got crushed just a few weeks prior. All this while finding a rejuvenated Edgerrin James (amazingly Peyton Manning in his prime couldn't get him to a Super Bowl but Warner did it in Arizona!) a physical and opportunistic defense (12 Turnovers in their 3 playoff games) and a Wide Receiver playing at a level only reached before by the great Jerry Rice (Larry Fitzgerald).
Still, they face a daunting defense in the 2009 version of the Steel Curtain, the #1 overall ranked Defense in the National Football League. They face a QB who is gunning for his 2nd Lombardi trophy in his short but very successful career in Big Ben. They face a coach (Mike Tomlin) who amazingly made the city of Pittsburgh forget about their former Coach-legend, Bill Cower.
Historically speaking, when great defenses face great offenses, the great D usually win out. Look no further than last season when the Giants beat the Patriots, arguably the greatest offense in history. Same situation in 2002 when the Pats knocked of Kurt Warner and the Greatest Show on Turf in what was one of the great upsets in Super Bowl History. The one glaring detractor from this theory in the last 10 years was when the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl XLI. There are a lot of similarities between that game and this one, the QB trying to make his claim amongst the greatest of all time, the All-Offense- no defense team all of a sudden discovering a very effective and opportunistic defense during a great playoff run. Granted Ben Roethelsberger is no Rex Grossman, but lets not forget that Big Ben posted the worst QB rating and performance for any Super Bowl winner, ever.
The matchups are intriguing. Warner and the great passing game against the great and physical Steelers D. Fitzgerald over the middle with Polomalu all over him. The rejuvenated Cards D vs. an average at best Steeler Offense.
In the end, I think Warner will have a little too much magic left in his wand. I think Warner is the best QB in the last 10 years not named Brady and this game will just put a stamp on that. I think Edge wants that ring. I think Fitzgerald is playing at a level so high, he can dominate the game no matter how many guys try to cover him. Oh, and if he cant, another top 5 NFL wideout (Boldin) is on the other side and will make the Steelers pay. I don't like Ben in the big game and I have had doubts about their offensive line all season. I don't think they will hold up against this Cardinal Defense, which will capitalize on those Steeler mistakes.

Final Score. Arizona 28 Pittsburgh 20.