Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Commercial- NON PAID- Plugs from TPC

Every once in a while The People's Champ likes to share things he likes and enjoys in this world of ours, with his millions and millions of fans, both in the good ole US of A and abroad.

Here's today's sampling:

A new line (I think it's new even though it says established in 1918) of Middle Eastern Salads and Pickles by Sonny and Joe's that are amazing. TPC especially recommends the Grilled Eggplant, Matbucha and Sour Pickles.

If you loved RISK, the Game of International Conquest, you will love The Conquer Club an online multiplayer world domination game (much like RISK, but obvious Trademark issues does not allow them to advertise as such).

A new entrant into the Chip Market, the world's first Gluten Free Falafel Chip. Not just a Doritos type (or the Herr's kosher version) stoner chip replacement, the Falafel Chip taste great, is wildly addictive and goes great with Sonny and Joe's salads!

No food list would be complete without TPC's favorite local restaurant, Carlo's and Gabby's. TPC recommends the The Pollo Del Sol Wrap, anyof the Taco's and Enchilada's and the burgers. And for less than $10 (hey, we're in a recession!), you get a great lunch.

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