Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiger Ready To Roar

In just a few short hours, the World's Most Dominant Athlete, will make his return at the Accenture Match Play Championship against unheralded Brendan Jones.
What should we expect? Well, Tiger has already said he feels healthier than ever, his legs don't have pain for the first time in years, and his short game is "better" than ever before because all he could do for a while was pitch and chip. This from a guy who already had the best short game in golf, and probably in the history of the game.

We should expect Tiger to do exactly what he did the last two times he came off surgery, and that is win. He will win the Accenture because he's Tiger Woods. And that is what Tiger Woods does. And the fact is the rest of the tour knows that, too. Therefore, the intimidation factor of "I am Tiger Woods" will only get stronger with his victory this week.


Anonymous said...

We know

ThePeoplesChamp said...

As if there was any doubt- Tiger is +2 after two holes.
The Man is Unreal.

The Don said...

We know and the other players know it as well. Funny commercial showing other players winning and spending cash and hanging with supermodels during Tiger's layoff and then he walks into the locker room at his first event back in action and the other players get this look on their face like they just kicked in the nads.
Glad there's a reason to watch golf again.