Thursday, August 28, 2008

Annoying Sports Announcer Stuff

When did the requirements to be a baseball analysts start including "Grammarian"?
Seriously. Someone needs to tell these guys it's RBI's, not RBI (when using plural). For example, "Jason Giambi had 3 RBI's today, in the Yankee comeback against Boston", and not, "Jason Giambi had 3 RBI today in the yankee comeback against Boston".
Freakin common sense. What worked all these years is all of a sudden not good enough anymore. This is the problem when sports reporters, analysts, etc. take themselves too seriously. they start to have the need to come up with this ridiculous garbage (not to mention having all these skirts as sideline reporters who can't even spell RBI's, but that's a topic for another day).
And you wonder why guys like the Scooter, Harry and Skip Carey were so beloved. They just cared about their team and loved the game.

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Jeff said...

Technically it's RBIs, since the ' indicates possessive:). Also, it's the Yankee's comeback, not Yankee comeback, like it's Booker's, not Bookers.

Just sayin'...