Saturday, August 23, 2008

The uncomfortable Bar Mitzvah zach

One of the things I love about my shul and Rebbe is we don't do the typical, rote, uncomfortable rituals that many Modern (Americanish) shuls do.
This AM at Shacharis I witnessed the uncomfortable Bar Mitzvah Boy Address and I cringed the whole 3 minutes or so that it lasted (it felt like a good 4 hours. I've played rounds of golf that seemed quicker..but I digress).
The shul I attended was zocha to have a Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah boy did a great job, great voice, etc etc. It was actually quite pleasant....until........................the Rabbi's Bar Mitzvah address.
In this case, the Rabbi was the boys grandfather, a now retired former pulpit Rabbi. He gave a very good sermon and then called his grandson to stand next to him while he addressed him. The boy was standing next to him in front of the whole shul with that awkward stance and awkward smile. I felt awful for the kid. What must be going through his mind? "Can we please hurry up here, my mouth is hurting from holding this fake smile". It seemed like forever. The typical stuff was said, the typical jokes. "Moshe" we're so proud oy you....we put a lot of work into you...we hope it pays your a Bar Mitzvah and your responsible for yourself...........we're off the hook." etc, etc.
If I were elected Emperor of the world, one of the first things I would outlaw is the uncomfortable Bar Mitzvah boy address.

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The Don said...

I hereby nominate The People's Champ for Emperor of the World.