Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Facebook Phenomena

About a month ago, I was at a Sheva Brochas for one of my best and oldest friends brother (he is also an old friend of mine). After a few L'Chaims (he is an avid bourbon drinker, Basil Hayden, the choice of spirit for the evening) the subject of "my Facebook page" came up. Now, to this point I had only a slight inkling of what a "facebook page" was. I was under the impression that the main reason for this tool was to be a modern day Sweet 16 of sorts. In other words, a good place for kids to pick up chicks. Well, after an enlightening discussion, I was told that although this is true and after a few "wow, what would we have done with this type tool when we were kids" discussions (the real answer was probably nothing), I was convinced to sign up and get with it.
Well, I am now a month or so in, I have connected or "facebooked" with some old friends I haven't seen or heard from in years, and generally have had a lot of fun with it.

The real question is; how long does this last? A mere fad or a new way of connecting?

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