Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fantasy Football Trade- The People's take

A major trade this week took place in The People's League between Forties and The Ducks.
At the time of the trade Forties were in 3rd Place with 763.70 points, Ducks were 8th and 658.01 respectively. First Place currently has 802.7 points.

Here's the trade:

Forties Traded: Terrel Owens, Earnest Graham, Aaron Rodgers and Darren Sproles.
Ducks Traded: Big Ben, Antonio Bryant, Michael Westbrook and Correl Buchalter.

In any trade you need to look at the rosters because what might look like a "rape" on the surface can actually be a good deal for both squads Post trade.

Forties: QB- Warner and Big Ben, RB Chris Johnson, Brian Westbrook (and his handcuff Buchalter), Kevin Smith and Reggie Bush. WR R Moss, Cotchery, Antonio Bryant and Kevin Walter (keep in mind we start 1QB, 2RB's and 3 WR's).

Ducks: QB Rodgers,. RB's Jamal Lewis, Earnest Graham, Michael Pittman, Warrick Dunn, Ryan Torian and Selvin Young. WR's Braylon Edwards, Greg Jennings, Terrel Owens, Brandon Lloyd and Ted Ginn Jr.

Without making fun of the Ducks and their crappy squad and why any team would have 3 Denver Broncos RB's when only one is even worth a thought of owning is a cloumn for another day let's just analyze the merits of the deal.

From Forties side he traded a very good backup QB for another very good backup QB- both very solid starting options, so in essence he traded away a big chip but got the same chip back (it says here Rodgers playing style will force him to be injured the second half, although he is a Stud QB in the making. Big Ben will rebound and be his usual excellent self). He also got BY FAR the best player in the deal and his handcuff. Now Westbrook is an injury risk but he is a top 3 RB and he insured himself with Buchalter. So, he upgraded greatly at RB from Graham. He has 3 excellent RB's now when Bush comes back and that gives him great flexibility for another deal with his backup QB if he needs to. He dealt Owens, who will have a tough week this week against the Giants without Romo and has a bye next week. I don't like Bryant much but he in essence traded TO for 7 weeks (who will return to greatness once Romo returns) and got 9 weeks of Westbrook (the better player either way). He did great in this trade. He actually sold high on Owens, if even possible, at this point of the season. Graham is only a bye week option at this point anyway, so he didn't lose anything there.

The Ducks panicked. They have an excellent QB in Big Ben. Remember, this is a 16 week season and Ben will put up the numbers in the end. He also has no backup and in my opinion, he actually took the bigger health risk in Rodgers. However, you cant discount Rodgers numbers. He has been great so far. With Owens, he got a guy who will be fine once Romo comes back. The problem is he basically loses two weeks of Owens (as explained) when he is already risking falling totally out of any chance of winning. And, he gave up a guy who can put up consistent monster numbers (Westbrook). Yes, he got Graham (who by the way also has a bye week 10) but Pittman is just as good at this point and he does have Dunn as an option at RB. I admire his gumption and sticktoitiveness (thanks Mick Foley) but in the end I think he hurt his squad more than helped it.

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