Thursday, October 30, 2008

Props to a Great Artist


I have recently been "reunited" through Facebook with and old friend of mine, Dan Weinstein. Back in the day we would just listen to good music, muse over bad movie quotes, tip a bottle or two and marvel over Dan's creative artistry.
Well, Dan has matured as an artist (thank G-d only in technique) and has created, in my humble opinion, the most intense, diametric and "funky" Jewish art I have ever seen.

From his website:
"The universe depicted on canvas by the artist Daniel Weinstein is composed of a stunning cocktail of intense colors and dynamic images.
The artist's work has been inspired by such disparate elements as:
Tehillim (Psalms) & Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), Tsfat and South Beach, Chassidism & Dr. Suess, Baruch Nachshon, Picasso, Bob Marley,
The Big Lebowski, Shlomo Carlebach & Alice in Chains, his wife Leah, son Aron & daughter Esther.
Daniel Weinstein's art pulsates with the most pleasant contradictions. It is whimsical and fanciful yet poignant. It is traditional -conveying
unchanging centuries old judaic themes, yet entirely modern and reflective of a dizzyingly fast paced technological age.
These lyrical contradictions collide to create a vibrant, electrifying universe where intense beauty, harmony and spirituality reign."

You can check it out at

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