Thursday, October 2, 2008

Politically Correct Stupidity

I hate the term African American. It is an insult to every non African Black American, every White African American (yes, this just in, not every African is black or colored or dark skinned, whatever tickles your fancy), and every White American.
Why? First off, not every Dark Skinned (or black, etc) American person is from African descent (I guess if you go back far enough maybe, but that's just sheer stupidity. Then we're all Middle Eastern Americans and that doesn't work well). Second, as a White or light colored American I am offended every time someone calls me white (or Caucasian- what the F kind of word is that anyway? I'd much rather be called a brotha than a Caucasian). For the record, Wikipedia defines Caucasion as The Caucasian race, sometimes the Caucasoid race, is a term of racial classification, coined around 1800 by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach for the "white" race of mankind, which he derived from the region of the Caucasus. It was thus in use as denoting populations of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central and South Asia, or more narrowly people of European origin. The concept's existence is based on the now obsolete typological method of racial classification.
In other words, we should call every White guy European American and knowing how much I hate the French (except their Fries and Toast) that is a much worse insult than calling someone Black or Colored.

Personally, if the guy is white, black orange or green and is a US citizen, he's an AMERICAN. Plain and simple. If he's from Africa- he's freakin' African, no matter the skin color. Same as the Caribbean and every other place people come here from.
Just stop the freaking nonesense.

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Black & White Ducks said...

For once, all I can say is: I agree.