Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Little Light For a Dark Day

The People's Champ is usually right in his predictions (Cassel has been awful, Turner has been good, C Johnson is the Best Rookie RB in teh league, etc) , and knows All is Min Hashemeim, however TPC is scared that the Republic formerly known as the US of A, and soon to be known as the USSA (United Soicialist Republic of America) is in biiiiiiiiig trouble.

So what do Heiligah Yidin do in these times besides Daven and Learn a little more than usual? They bring the light of comedy into the world.
Here is a little treat I thought you would love. I know I did.


Anonymous said...

Last night at 9:05 PM I took a cab in NYC. The pundits were already predicting an Obama victory. I was late so it was a short trip for the cab driver. After the initial 2.50 fee the fare was an additional 1.90 for a total of 4.40. I handed the driver a five dollar bill (60 Cent tip)through the glass and reached for the door.

"Yo", the man called to me. With a large grin he said "That shit ain't gonna fly, Obama president now"

ThePeoplesChamp said...

The Yahoo's wanted change, they got change........

Anonymous said...

you are all idiots and make me ashamed to be called a jew.

Anonymous said...

Why Anon?
It's okay for other cultures to use comedy to make light of their situations when the white man is the victim? Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, etc are all okay but this doesn't fly?

The Don said...

As long as we are sharing racist Chapelle Show clips, here's one of my favorites:

another great one is the Race Draft, but i couldn't find a good clip on youtube.

The Ducks said...

TPC-- You took some warranted bows (which is ok) but were vague about some of your bigger misses (which is not). Luckily, your friendly neighborhood Ducks Ombudsmen are here to clear it all up.

The Giants: True, what a great time to be a giants fan. I never thought I'd see a better NYG team than '86, but if nothing else, this one is much more well balanced. Youre still WAY WAY too high on eli though. I really think alot of QBs would be excelling with this giants team. I mean they are stocked EVERYWHERE. Eli is not exactly mobile, and he has hardly even been touched this season. Any decent QB would excel in his situation. All the RBs, greatest OL in the NFL, plax. Geez.

The Titans: You nailed this. They are a very, very weak 8-0. if that's possible. Look for a very decent but more human 5-3 2nd half. But youre wrong on the colts, they are doner than a Sarah Palin t-shirt.

FOX on the Titans game: You are dead on here too. What an absolute embarrasment. And I bleed more Giant blue than anyone alive, so that's telling you something. I agree on both your points here. You "must" switch to the giants last minute? Fine, I get it. but to miss the last 2nd FG for bills, wow, what a joke. glad mushnick nailed it too, i missed that column. and he had been missing alot lately. maybe he's back in the mix now, but i'm quickly moving over to the neil bests of the world now.

Derek Anderson: yes you were right; but:
Cutler: how do you not more clearly admit that you were wrong?
The J-E-T-S: you'r lost here, as usual. they are an even weaker 5-3 than the titans 8-0. and i was way way way way more right about favre than you were.
And know where else the Ducks schooled you? We said quite clearly only a few months back how underrated and underapreciated pennington was in an ever-underwhelming supporting jets cast. you mocked us. you hailed favre and said we were nuts on pennington. but it's time to admit that we were right about favre at 38-39 and pennington. and you were way way off on both.

More pennington: despite us being right on chad and favre, as proven by your sudden comment on chad for mvp, we must admit, now you've come way too far the other way. it must have been that last blunt. chad for mvp? uh, ok.

The Jags are not done. Wait and see. The colts are. Wait and see.

The Raiders, as you say, are a crying shame. Remember the once proud Al Davis led crew? The bad ass raiders? Ha.
You're ALMOST right on the Chargers. Except you didn't go far enough. They are going to the Supe. You heard it hear first. They have the 2nd best QB in the NFL right now.

You are correct about Baltimore and Cincy. Then again, i've been picking cincy as my upset win every week, so what do i know. i only got it right once.

Talk about toeeing the line, TPC. "Dallas will rebound big" but will not pass ANYONE in their division? How can you possibly be wrong on this call? youre right either way. and how can a team rebound "big" yet not gain even 1.5 games on on of 2 teams ahead of them. what's a "big" rebound, man? 5-3??? geez, take a freaking stance, man.

by the way, you're wrong anyway, dallas is gonna fall apart even more in the 2nd half and look for --you heard it hear first-- cowher to be in big d next season. it says here that those who say he's "too big" for jerry were saying the same about bill parcells before he took over too.
and if for some reason jimmy doesnt get cowher, look for billick to be the guy. which, i think, would actually be the best move.
Philly is only as solid as what they do this sunday. If they win, they roll. If they lose, they are done. And incidentally, philly is my pick for upset of the week vs. my giants. Not that i will mind being wrong on that one. this is the first week i have picked the giants to lose. damn objectiveness. look for philly to collapse if they lose this week though. in that way, philly is much like the french.

Washington: I agree with you.
The Vikings: I agree.
The Bears: i mostly agree but think they can overcome RG to some degree. they may get a playoff win.

Totally with you on Aaron Rodgers (the 1st in the next pool of great QBs) and Matt Ryan. But you are wrong on rodgers not making the playoffs. look for a big GB win this week.

Another shocker? Yes Detroit is a joke but they will win this week too.

You are 100% wrong on arizona. look for another KW injury and a huge huge 2nd half collapse. arent you glad i am putting this all in writing tpc?

Duck Views: Just admit it. After the 1st half, the ducks were more right on head-to-head issues than tpc was. its all in writing man.

ThePeoplesChamp said...


I copied your comment to where it belongs. Please keep focused.

Anonymous said...

The biggest mess up was the NE Patriots. TPF said the team was riding Bradys coattails and that Cassel would be fine and Belicheck was overrated.

He was exactly wrong. They are winning despite Cassel thanks to Belichek.

Arizona will be ok against average to below average teams until Warner get hurt. However, they switched the offense to 3,5,7 step drop-throw timing thing, which is Warners forte and safer.