Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bo-MJ-Tiger-"Taste Great Less Filling"- Great Sports Commercials

My good friend and fellow blogger (and constant commenter on The People's Blog) The Ducks, recently wrote an article detailing his list of the greatest sports commercials. As always, the Ducks spoke off the cuff, didn't do proper research and did a half toochas job on the specified task. TPC commented on his site but instead of doing his job on his site, TPC lists his favorite commericals, in no particular order, here, live on TPC:

1. The King Of Sports Commercialism, Michael Jordan has a littany of great spots, and some would (and probably correctly) argue that he could take up most of the top 10 (anything with MJ highlights brings goose bumps to TPC). Here are some of TPC's favorite MJ spots.
2. Probably second only to MJ in commercialville is Tiger. here's a sampling of his greatest work.
3. Bo knows. Without BO, there wouldn't be an MJ or Tiger.

4. Another NIKE classic. Armstrong as a boxer, Aggasi as a Red Sox, Randy as a bowler, etc...

5. Maybe the Greatest Ad Campaign Ever.
6. Chicks dig the long ball. Maddux and Glavine doing it Rocky style.

7. Without Sports, this wouldn't be disgusting.

8. The ESPN spots........
9. Mean Joe Greene and the kid. Maybe the most classic commercial of all time.

There are many more, but these are the top of my list. I think. Enjoy the links.

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