Friday, November 14, 2008

Lesnar, Cy Young, Jets- Pats, Yankees and more random thoughts from TPC

Tomorrow Night marks the biggest night in the young MMA career of the Phenom that is Brock Lesnar. For those who don't know, Lesnar is a former National Wrestling Champion while at the University of Minnesota and then turned "Pro" as "The Next Big Thing" in the World Wrestling Entertainment company (WWE). Lesnar is a physical specimen of size, speed and brute strength, non of which has been seen before in the UFC. Lesnar carries a 2-1 MMA record against one of the All Time great UFC champions, Randy Couture into tomorrow's heavyweight Title Bout. Couture, a former NCAA wrestling champion himself comes into this fight with a storied career. "The Natural" has held the Heavyweight belt three times and the Light heavyweight title twice, with storied victories over Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and Tim Silvia. he has however never faced someone of the likes of Lesnar.
Despite the obvious size, strength and speed advantages of Lesnar, he is an extremely inexperienced MMA fighter, and despite his recent destruction of Heath Herring (in most impressive fashion) he got caught into an early submission by former Champion, Frank Mir, in his previous bout, despite dominating Mir early.
What's TPC's take? It says here, despite Couture's savvy and experience he is very similar in ways to Lesnar, except he's giving up way too much size and strength to Lesnar. Lesnar will attack and pound Couture and will be rewarded with not only the Most Watched UFC bout in history, but with a world title to boot.

I have little problem with Tim Linsecum winning the NL Award. Statistically he was the best pitcher in the NL this season. He was second in the league in Wins despite playing for a very poor team, he was first in K's and second in ERA. However, my vote would have went to Johan Santana, who single handedly kept a reeling Mets squad in the playoff race until the final day of the season, didn't lose a game from June on, was FIRST in ERA, the most telling of pitchers stats, had only two less wins than Linsecum despite the horror that was the Mets bullpen, all this while pitching in incredible pressure situations, must win games, every time he took the mound from mid August on. Linsecum didn't pitch in a meaningful game all year. Somehow, Brandon Webb and his almost a run more per game ERA than Santana finished first. As always, the voters are idiots.
Which brings me to the AL voting. It was a foregone conclusion that Cliff Lee and his unbelievable season would finish first. Now, Roy Halladay had a great season and deserved his second place finish, but how does any voter justify his vote for Halladay over Lee? It makes no sense. I just need one reason. Please.

The Yankees made a great move yesterday that is quietly being swept under the rug with the CC Sabathia sweepstakes going on. Swisher is a Yankee type player in the late 90's mode. Hard working, hustling, versatile, and most important he has a great eye. That means extra pitchers for the opposing starter and it means more men on base for Arod and the boys. yes, Swisher had an awful year last year (he hit only .219) but lest keep in perspective:
He hit 24 Homers and walked 82 times. He's a switch hitter and he's only 29. He also only makes $3.6M a year, which is about $15M less a year they would have to pay Texiera to play 1B.
I think it's a great move and will be one of the more understated reasons for the Yanks return to prominence next season.

Finally, the Jets excorsized a lot of demons last night. Brett Favre played an amazing game, virtually unstoppable, especially with the game in the balance. The problem was, and this will haunt them at a later time, Mangini did not adjust one thing after the Patriots made their adjustments, which almost cost him the game. They did not pressure Cassell. They let a QB who has shown to be very skittish while being pressured, be as comfortable as possible in the pocket, and let him pick them apart underneath, which is all he can do as he cant throw an accurate pass over 15 yards. Mangini should have sent 6-8 men at him at all times and let him beat them deep (which he should he couldnt do). They played right into his hands and let him attack the Jets with his strengths (underneath stuff and his legs). Good coaches take away the other teams strengths. The Giants did that by attacking Brady in the Super Bowl and it paid off. The Jets almost paid for it.
I think the Jets are the most talented all around squad in the AFC. They have a good offensive line, a very good RB and QB, a great defensive line and maybe the best all around CB in the league (Reeves)and an immense weapon in Leon Washington. They also are handicapped by Mangini's coaching and I'm not sure he can get them past a playoff game. I hope I'm wrong as it would be great to see two New York squads battling for Football Supremacy, I just don't see it happening unless Mangini changes in a hurry.


Anonymous said...

The Whoo'as

I disagree.
1) Cassel has shown again how bad he is. The Moss TD was 97% Moss 3% Cassel.

2) The JETS were in control the whole game. I hate to just agree with the announcers but why they didn't bump Moss on the line of scrimage was a joke on the play they tied it up with.

3) The prevent defense (Which I hate) even made sense and worked with the amount of time they had left. (Again except for the lack of bumping Moss at the line)

4) As for the first 3.5 quarters: Belichek has adopted the same style of play against most of his opponents, especially those better then his squad:
He chews the clock down all game, tries to keep it close. He never goes for big plays, he figures with the 9 posessions you get, you will score on 3 or 4 employing the dump offs and running the ball. He relies on his defense to not give up big points. Then at the end of the game he hopes for a turnover or special teams play.

5) Remember they also lost their top RB, not just the league MVP

ThePeoplesChamp said...


Cassel played great. He took what the Jets gave them and capitalized. Problem is, the Jets should have attacked him all game. They let a skittish QB who cant throw a deep ball, be comfortable. The throw to Moss, while being a great catch, was also a perfect throw. Law was right on him (despite the stupidity of not bumping Moss as they have all game).
The Jets were not in control after it was 24-6. The Pats outgained them 400+ yards to 150 from that point on, solely because Mangini would not adjust to what Belicheck did (hurry up offensee, blitzing Favre, etc). The prevent defense was horrible, especially since they used it the whole freakin game and it allowed NE to get back in a game they absolutely didnt belong in (what was clear IMO, the Jets definitely showed they are the better squad).

By NE losing their RB EVEN more so proves my point that the Jets should have attacked Cassel more and let him beat them- which he couldnt until they let him.

Anonymous said...

"Cassel played great." <> "a skittish QB who cant throw a deep ball, be comfortable."

Can't throw a ball more then 15 Yards accurately is not great. Dump offs are what coaches have been giving subpar QB's for years and those teams go no where.

"The throw to Moss, while being a great catch, was also a perfect throw"

Watch it again, Moss basically boxed him out, he was standing there holding Law back and telling Cassell "Throw it here" I will hold off the defense myself.

That guy is the worst QB I have ever seen.
Belichek is awesome.

ThePeoplesChamp said...


You are insane. How does a guy 30-51 400 Yards 3 TD's a QB rating of 103, have 61 yards rushing and play awful?
Yes, Moss made a great play, but Cassell threw the ball to the only spot it could be thrown and nailed it.
The fact that the Jets let a guy who should never beat you, do exactly that, is an indictement on the Jets not on Cassell's play. It's like Shaq going 15-24 from the field not taking any free throws and complaining that he sucks he cant make free throws. That might be true, but he just dominated teh freakin game.