Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flying the Friendly Skies-TPC style

TPC was fortunate this week to fly out to California (Los Angeles) on business and went the only way TPC can go- First Class (at least when his client pays).
Here are some thoughts on the trip:

  1. TPC flew Continental for the first time in years and for the first time ever in Continental's First Class. Usually TPC takes American (bearable) or USAir (barely bearable) when going cross country First Class, Jet Blue otherwise. Well, TPC is glad to say Continental rules! Seriously, a very pleasant trip, good food (Kosher of course, which we will get too- USAir doesn't even offer first class passengers a kosher meal), very nice flight attendants (in the customer service meaning, not in the Singapore Air meaning), great seats and plane and an overall good experience. The People's Champ fully endorses Continental Airlines.

  2. Where's the Political Correctness when it comes to Kosher Food? Why am I the only guy that has to rip apart 14 packages before I get to my barely edible meal? Seriously, if this were in a different setting, like a kid with special needs had to do something in this strange manner, how do you think it would be handled? I would venture to say everyone would have to have double wrapped meals and deal with it, as to not offend the "special one". Well, this "special one" demands the same! Double wrap for everyone!

  3. Whenever you fly NY to LA, there is a good chance you will have some sort of celebrity or celebrities on your flight. I had a few going. I don't know who they were but there was an attractive blond in her mid 20's I suppose who wore a baseball hat and sunglasses until she got in her seat (directly across from me) and then relaxed when she was amongst the other First Classers (she was definitely not an A lister as I would have then known her). Same type of story with the guy next to her (either her boyfriend, or friend, or .......who really cares. he seemed like a dweeb). TPC is thinking of going the all day all night sunglass route ala our celluloid heros and Corey Hart.

  4. I then saw a guy I actually knew, Robert Lasardo, aka Manny and Father Mateo from General Hospital. See, TPC watches GH, at least when he goes to bed and his wife is watching SoapNet (and GH is on from 10-11). However, it's not all bad. There's some international espionage, mafia-gangsters, acceptably attractive females (although not too attractive as to threaten you're wife/girlfriend- the secret to Grey's anatomy success, IMO) and a computer genius who would have been the 3rd wheel if Bill and Ted had a third Wheel (Spinelli). Okay, it's very gay, but I really have no choice unless I want to sleep on the couch and that aint happening (at least by choice). Anyway, I see Lasardo (who I instantly recognize because of his famous tatoos) and notice the guy is TINY. He always portrays extremely scary, tough guys and on the screen, he always comes across that way. In person? (besides seeming like a really nice and pleasant guy) He's TINY. I think in a full contact to the death match, The People's Little Champ (now a Yellow Belt and in First Grade) would take him. Seriously, he's listed as 5'7" on, but he isnt an inch over 5'3" and doesn't weigh more than 120. Tops.

  5. TPC loves the First Class free drink policy. American usually serves Glenlivet. The best I could on Continental was Jack Daniels and a splash of diet coke, but 3 or 4 does the job extremely well (especially when they are doubles). The key? Make sure you have the aisle seat, unless you really want to piss off the guy next to you.

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