Monday, November 24, 2008

New York- Capital of the Football World - Week 12 NFL thoughts

It's been a long time since football reigned supreme in the Capital of the World as it does this fine Monday, the 24th of November, 2008. Not since Week 11 of 1986 when the New York J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS started 10-1 and the New York Football Giants began the season at 9-2, has both team sat upon the Football World looking down at their competition. The Jets defeated the last standing undefeated team yesterday (Tennessee Titans) in convincing fashion 34-13, while the Football Giants cruised to another victory against a division leader; this time defeating the Arizona Cardinals, 37-29.
When the Jets signed Allen Fanacea and Kris Jenkins and made the biggest off season splash by trading for Brett Favre, they only hoped they would reach this type of success this quickly. TPC told everyone, even while the Jets were struggling early on this season that they would be serious AFC contenders, that Brett Favre brings them instant credibility and hope to a franchise that has always lacked both (in 1986 the Jets lost their last 5 games, won a wild card game and then missed 2 late FG's against Cleveland that would have gotten them into the AFC Championship game). TPC as always, was right. Favre is a serious MVP candidate. The Jets have an excellent offensive line, a dominating defensive line-primarily against the run, and an improving secondary. They have balance on both sides of the ball and a leader that they believe will get them over the top. And Mangini, a coach that has been much maligned by The People's Champ, just had his finest hour against the Titans.
The Giants just continue to roll. Without Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress, the Giants offense still managed to put up 37 points against a division leader, with Eli Manning playing a flawless game, going 26-33 with 240 yards and 3 TD's, proving once again he is the single most indispensible player on the New York Football Giants. The Giants also proved that Jacobs must be signed next season as he sets the tone for the entire running game. Ward and Bradshaw don't have the same effect without Jacobs and his 260+lb body beating on the opposing defense 20+ times a game. The Giants have now won their last 5 games against opponents that were a combined 28-13 coming into the game. That is domination folks. The Giants will more than likely have home field throughout the playoffs, and no one, and THE PEOPLES CHAMP says NO ONE, will be coming into Giants Stadium and beating the Football Giants in January. The Giants can start booking their tickets to Tampa because that's where they will be the weekend of Feb. 1, 2009, defending their Super Bowl XLII title in style.

In other games:

Denver continues to show everyone how Jay Cutler is a statistically good Quarterback but in reality, average at best. They also continue to show that Mike Shanahan still cant build a defense and cant compete with a team that plays a more physical game than they do.
They also cant defend the pass at all. Even Jamarcus Russell was awesome against them, going 10-11 with 152 yards and a TD for an almost perfect 149.1 QB rating (almost triple his 52.2 abysmal rating for the season). Yep, throwing against the Broncos is as tough as hooking up with Tara Reed after her 9th cocktail.
The Falcons continue to roll led by Matt "Ice" Ryan and Michael Turner. Where are all the Turner prediction jokes now? Huh? Where? Turner now has 1100 yards and 13 TD's and we have 5 weeks to go. The Falcons destroyed their division rival Panthers and are now a game behind the Panthers and Bucs. Folks, welcome to the Mattie Ice Era. Get used to it because this kid is here to stay and he is already amongst the NFL elite.
I dont think I remember two worse 8-3 teams than the current Panthers and Bucs. Is anyone actually scared to face these guys?
The Steelers improve to 8-3 as Big Ben finally gets his act together, but as TPC has said all season, the Steelers are not a serious threat because they have a very weak offensive line and get bullied by tough physical defenses (as the Giants and Eagles proved).
Speaking of the Eagles, has there ever been a bigger enigma than Donovan McNabb? When he's on his game there is no one more fun to watch, no one who can bring all the elements of the game together quite like he. However, when he's off (or when the pressure increases) he turns into Dave Brown. He's just awful. Not to mention, how does anyone associated with an NFL team not know there are regular season ties? My six year old son knows this, how does a franchise QB who has played 129 NFL games, thrown for over 28,000 yards, run for another 3000+ not know this? Someone please get a hold of McNabb's Wonderlic test. Please.
Matt Cassell made himself $30M-$40M richer the last two weeks and will make some NFL franchise make a $30M-$40M mistake next season. I still dont understand why NFL coaches dont cheat the safeties in on this guy and make him beat you over 15 yards. He hasn't proven he can do it. Make him. He's got great mobility and great accuracy throwing underneath, why not make him get away from his strengths?
Well, I guess the Cowboys really did miss Mr. Romo. Once again proving that the NFL QB is the single most important player in professional sports. Dallas looks like a different team on both sides of the ball just with Romo playing. He gives the team hope which makes everyone step their game up a notch.
It's the same in Minny, where Ferrotte has the Vikings tied for the division lead with the Bears at 6-5. He's not in Romo's class, but he's also a far cry from Tavaris Jackson. No wonder the Vikings are now a credible threat in the NFC's Norris Division.
Looks like Manning and the Colts are somewhat healthy again these days, Vinatierri showed once again how clutch he is and all those people who TPC warned shouldnt bury the Colts just yet are having Jason Voorhees flashbacks.
The Chargers are now officially done and it's because of these reasons, in order:
  • Norv Turner should not be a head coach in the NFL. Period. (for more info go to FIRENORV.NET). He is a failure everywhere he goes taking a team that was a play away from the Super Bowl just two years ago (and a 14-2 record under Marty Schottenheimer) to a team that is now 4-7 in the worst divison in football. Just inexcusable. He should not be coaching next year.
  • Shawn Merriman being injured and/or not being juiced up was a tremendous hit to their defense. It also showed what lack of character and heart their defense has. The Giants lose Strahan and Osi and are still cruising along because of character and talent. The Chargers have talent, just no character.
  • LT, the greatest all around RB I have ever seen, has lost a few miles off his fast ball. He's no longer the same LT as we knew and awed. He's now just a good NFL back and that's not good enough for that offense. That offense is built around LT making things happen.
  • Phil Rivers is not as good as his statistics show him to be. He makes big mistakes in inopportune times- mostly of the careless variety. They made the right call by keeping Rivers over Brees, but only financially as Brees is the much better NFL QB.
While looking ahead to Thanksgiving (TPC gives thanks to the Creator many days EVERY day) TPC would like to be especially thankful for Thursday with 3 games of National Football League Action. TPC is not thankful tht he has to wait all day to watch the high flying Cardinals, led by MVP candidate Kurt Warner play The Donovan Wonderlics. Well, you cant have everything...........


Anonymous said...

The NFL is strange this year.
If you go team by team I challenge you to find 6 teams that are better then they were last year.

Oddly both NY teams are.

ThePeoplesChamp said...


I accept you're challenge.

1- Jets- Clearly better than last year as evidenced by their already doubling of last years win total.
2- Miami Dolphins. 1-15 in 2007, 6-5 in 2008. Great job by Sparano and Parcells.
3- Ravens. 5-11 in 2007, 7-4 in 2008.
4. Titans. 10-6 in 2007, 10-1 this season.
5. Redskins. 9-7 in 2007, 7-4 to date in 2008.
6. Carolina Panthers. 7-9 in 2007, 8-3 in 2008.
7. Atlanta Falcons led by Mattie Ice. 4-12 in 2007, 7-4 in 2008.
8. Arizona Cardinals. 8-8 in 2007, 7-4 in 2008, although to be fair, they were much better toward the end of the season when Warner took over.

I purposely left off the Giants. I think they are better now than they were in 2007, however, they did win the SB and they need to repeat that performance for TPC to proclaim them a better squad in 2008.

Anonymous said...

1- Jets
2- Miami Dolphins.
3- Ravens.
4. Titans.
5. Atlanta Falcons
6. New York Giants

Redskins. - Exactly the same
Carolina Panthers. - Exactly the same
Arizona Cardinals. - Exactly the same

I did not mean who has better records, I meant who is really a better a team. You did get my 6 except I included the giants. MAYBE the redskins I missed, but the other two are pretty much the same teams.

Anonymous said...

Still look at all the teams that are worse:

Houston is actually better by a hair I would say.

St Louis
Bears - Suck
Pittsburgh - Average team to above average
G.B. - Maybe the same, not sure
S.D. (Not sure why, I think LT is a baby)