Thursday, September 4, 2008

The First Drive

"With Eli Manning you're talking about a guy who looks like a new Quarterback after the Super Bowl MVP performance. You're talking about a confident Quarterback who knows the pocket and throws strikes. You're talking about a gutsy Quarterback who knows how to execute the play action to perfection. You're talking All-Madden now that Brett Farve is in the AFC".
Thanks for that quick tidbit Mr. Madden.


Anonymous said...

You should have waited until the game was over. Nice win but the victory goes to the Giants defense, not Eli who had no passing TD's against a banged up Skins D. He is a poor mans Trent Dilfer, just don't lose it for the D!!!!

ThePeoplesChamp said...

The post was as much about Eli as it was about making fun of the horrendous job of John Madden.

The Ducks said...

that's exactly what he is, and i've been saying it forever: Trent Dilfer.

Thanks anonymous dude. Eli is NOT good. He's mediocre, always has been, always will be. Mediocre QBs sometimes end up on teams with a great running game and/or defense. Hey, it happens. Dilfer, Mark Rypien, even Kurt Warner was never as great as his legend made him out to be (though i'm not by any means comparing him to Eli, Rypien or Dilfer...just saying it was much more his supporting cast then it was him).

ThePeoplesChamp said...

Kurt Warner should not be onthat list. Bulger never threw more than 24 TD's on the same team with the same supporting cast and look what he's done since being on Arizona.
Give Warner some time and he's as agood as anyone out there not named Brady or Manning.

The Ducks said...

i knew it, TPC. i knew when i mentioned warner (even though i went out of my way to clarify that i wasnt comparing him to the eli-rypein-dilfer) list that that's what you'd respond to and avoid the entire main point of my comment.

probably because you know you're wrong about eli. or are at least doubting it a bit.

he's not good, tpc. i've watched every game he's ever played. every single one. he's not good.