Thursday, September 4, 2008

Interesting Football Facts and Stats

With the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE about to get underway, I leave you these little known facts and stats, courtesy of my friends at ColdHardFootballFacts.Com and

The All Time NFL Completion % leader is Chad Pennington. Second on that list is Kurt Warner.
(The People's Champ doesn't give much credence to that stat as Dante Culpepper is 6th all time, 5 spots ahead of Tom Brady- The G.O.A.T.).

Warner also has the highest yards per attempt by any QB with over 1,500 attempts since 1978.
(He also has 2 MVP trophies and a Super Bowl Ring. I think Canton should start preparing for the former grocery bagger to enter the hallowed halls).

Chicago's Devin Hester has averaged a record 14.06 yards per punt return in his career (89 for 1,251 yards), shattering the previous record held by another Bears great, George McAfee (12.78 average per punt return), in the 1940s.
Hester, amazingly, also owns the top two single-season dual-return (kick, punt) TD records in history, with six last year, and five in 2006. With two more TD returns this season, the third-year player will – amazingly – tie the career mark of 13 punt- or kick-return TDs set by Brian Mitchell over the course of a record-setting 14-year career.

And yes, he is on both TPC Fantasy Squads this year as the Bears try and get him more touches by being their #1 WR.

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