Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I come to bury Caesar not praise him.............

In keeping with the spirit of killing A-Rod, I read an incredible article from fangraphs.com on the statistical ineptitude of A-Clutchless. I have long been an A-Rod supporter, but the pundits and haters are correct this season. H ehas been horrid.

Basically, to sum up the article, and I quote:

When analyzing how “clutch” a player truly is, sabermetricians turn to a statistic called WPA, or Win Probability Added, that calculates how many wins a player added to his team by giving more credit to important situations. Fangraphs.com comes up with a “clutch” score by comparing WPA with WPA/LI – Win Probability Added with the Leverage Index removed, i.e. making all at-bats equal, regardless of the situation.

Except for a couple of seasons, Alex Rodriguez has been anything but clutch. And this season, his Clutch score is the lowest in baseball and 20th-worst since 1974.

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