Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The People's Champ- Week 3 NFL thoughts

The Giants didn't play great. They actually didn't even play that well at all. However, when time came to put up or shut up, Eli led the team on two relatively easy scoring drives. For those scoring at home, Eli is finally the franchise QB the Giants hoped he would be when he was taken #1 overall in 2004.
Speaking of 2004 let's do a quick draft review.
FIrst rounders included Manning, Rivers (who is entering stud city himself), Larry Fitzgerald (stud-check), the late Sean Taylor who was great, Winslow, Roy Williams, DeAngelo Hall, Big Ben,. Jonathan Vilma, Lee Evans, Keneche Udeze, Stephen Jackson, Chris Perry and Ben Watson. A great 1st round. Julius Jones, Bob Sanders went in round 2. Cotchery in round 4, Gibril Wilson and Michael Turner in 5. It goes on. Just a great all around draft.
Michael Turner through three games. 366 yards and 5 TD's, both leading the NFL.
Matt Cassel another awful game. He has the bye this week so maybe they get to work on some things, but like I said when Brady went down. There's a reason why he didn't start a game since H.S.
Ronnie Brown had a great game Sunday. He will not come close to repeating that performance again this year.
Desperate supposed contenders who started 0-2 came through this week. San Diego destroyed the J-E-T-S last night. The S.D. offense looks great as Rivers is really coming into his own and LT is still LT. The defense without Merriman looks average at best.
The Jags squeeked out a great win against a Colts team that looks absolutely lost. Their run defense is back to their Pre-Super Bowl winning days (meaning putrid) and Manning and teh offense looks off.
The Browns looked awful again and there are talks in Cleveland that Brady Quinn is getting ready to start. Don't say I didn't warn you about Derek Anderson.
The Broncos offense continues to look scary with Cutler and Marshall leading the way. If Shanahan would just let Young carry the load they would be much better off. With that said, the Broncos D is very shaky.
Buffalo continues to win as Edwards and Lynch are playing very well.
Pitt got surprisingly manhandled by Philly as Big Ben is still hurting. Westbrook got banged up and I wouldn't be in the least surprised to see this continue all season.
Tennesse's D is for real and if Collins can give them anything, they are the favorites to win the AFC. They run the ball well, which will help them control the clock against the other AFC squads, who are all offense, no D, besides Pitt.
Dallas continues to show the most well rounded offensive game in the league. Romo still scares me in a big spot and I don't like the Dallas D. With tha being said, the NFC EAST is So far and away the best division in Football this year, it's scary. I don't see another NFC team even competing with the Giants, Dallas or Philly. Minny could give the Cowboys a run with their great running game and good D, but I don't see Ferotte beating any of those 3 teams in January.
Good to see Larry Johnson get some work. He had a very nice game.
Glad to see Herm Edwards continue to destroy the KC franchise. The Rams, KC and Detroit are far and away the worst teams in the NFL. There isn't even a close 4th.
Miami and Cincy showed some life, Cincy in a loss, but Palmer and TJ looked good and Chris perry is quietly having a nice start to the season.
Can someone locate Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards for me? Thank you very much.
I know Tenn D is looking great and Andre Johnson dropped two TD's, but Matt Schaub has to be better than this.
Oakland is playing with a lot of heart for their on the verge to be fired Coach Kiffin. Davis should just leave him be and let him develop that young squad.
Continues to be a great season for Rookie Backs- McFadden, Slaton, Chris Johnson, Forte all have been off to good starts and all are exciting to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Ya Whoa's

I am most suprised by Denver WR Marshal & Cutler. Those two look incredible. I have always been a Shanahan fan and am very impressed with Denver. But Marshal looks like the next dominant receiver.
I still think Michael Turner is a joke, the season is still young and I will be proven right.