Monday, September 8, 2008

The G.O.A.T. of all Kiddush Clubs

Three years ago this Simchas Torah, our Fearless Founder, the great visionary "Bald Guy" from our fantasy football leagues, had a revelation.
After and awe inspiring High Holiday season, capped off by a leibidich Simchas Torah, Bald Guy wanted more. He needed more. Like Maverick, Bald Guy felt the need for speed.
He sequestered his friends and together they formed the Holy Kiddush Club. Unlike the Kiddush Club many of this group had frequented in the past, this one would not draw the ire and wrath from the local Rabbi's and general community. No, this Kiddush Club would be a source or Pride and Nachas to the same Rabbi and community. There would be no pre Rabbi's sermon exodus and the inevitable mid mussaf inebriated return.
What is this Kiddush Club? Post shul, every Shabbos since inception, The Holy Group would gather together (as of this writing, 9 members- although one is really a member Emeritus as he shows up as often as Arod in the clutch, about 18% of the time) and learn Mishnayos. Each member prepares and recites one Mishnah, for a total of 8 Mishnayos a week. If there are less than 8 members, one lucky individual prepares two and so forth. If Arod shows up, one member has a"bye week" and listens to the Holy Ramblings of the chevrah.
Usually, this gathering takes place at one of the members houses with the Breakfast of Champions. However, even when there is no "sponsor" or house, the show must go on and we learn in shul. Many obstalces have been overcome but never has a Shabbos gone by that The Holy Kiddush Club (THKC) did not meet.
This past week the THKC earned a well deserved Mazel Tov as we finished Masechet Rosh Hashanah AND Arod showed up all in one week (even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while). Not to mention some seriously spicey chulent from Plain Dans (yet another FF member) most generous bride (currently second in the standings to most hostings trailing only The Chiropractor).
With tremendous Hakoras Hatov to Bald Guy, who not only founded THKC but also manages the weekly schedule, onward to Masechet Taanis and many more of our sages Holy Writings for THKC...............


Anonymous said...

Well done

The Don said...

Very impressive, sounds like an elite group of yidden you've got there.