Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TPC's Random Thoughts- Fans questions answered and why we need a hot First Lady

On my Fantasy Football Message Board the Ducks posted the following:
As a loyal People's Blog follower, the people want to know many timely things that the People's champ simply ain't providing: --TPC's endorsements. Sure, Palin sounds like TPC (real name), but we want to here more. How are we to vote, TPC, if we know not who our leader is endorsing.
--The bank crisis, the economy, gas prices, and yes, the war on terror. Where are we headed.

--The last game at Yankee stadium. The people want to hear TPC's thoughts...and his memories there.
--The truth to the rumors that TPC and the Ducks will be forming a sports talk radio show since the loss of mike and chris. TPC, you can be the smart, arrogant one. I'll be the raving know-nothing lunatic. perfect no?

To the answers and much (or maybe not so much more).

1. While TPC won't get to heavily involved in politics for this site, TPC heavily endorses the McCain-Palin ticket. While TPC wouldn't want to be married to Sarah (she seems even tougher than The People's Lovely Bride) he does endorse her leadership skills and her ability to mix it up. Great choice by what would have been a dead Republican ticket without her.
The fact that she is a somewhat attractive 40+ year old woman in a very unattractive business might have something to do with it. I mean, before Palin, Monica Lewinsky was it. At least Palin brings the game back to respectability.
2. On that note, why can't we get a first lady like Carla Bruni? Now, I'll give France the fries, some pastries and I'll even throw in the toast, but no way should they have a hotter First Lady than the good ole U.S. of A. I think we need to institute a trophy wife policy. Seriously, if that old dude can land Anna Nicole Smith just because he was a billionaire, you don't think we can find someone much hotter who wants to be with the Most Powerful Man in the World? I think this would be the Reality Show of all Reality Shows. The Bachelor on Steroids and HGH while doing shots of Tequila. You throw in some Survivor type challenges, Howie Mandel and his banker and folks, we have "The Next First lady". Hold on while I call Marc Burnett.
3. The bank crisis is a disaster. The Fed is taking some good steps and some bad steps (particularly the current halt on shorting- takes all the checks and balances out of the market and limits hedging). Get Bloomberg in there to fix it. We need a business man not a politician. And F the gas prices. I like Howard Sterns old idea. Drop a bunch of nukes in the Middle East (sans Israel) and put up a flag and call it the United States of America II. Free gas for everyone!
4. TPC's Yankee Stadium memories will be part of an all new piece.
5. TPC is ready to join forces with the Ducks and put Francessa where he belongs. Retirement.
6. If you can't find any other reason but his name is BARACK OBAMA (yes, that might be labeling a whole culture but last I checked we are in a war with Islamic Fundamentalists). Now, he might be a great man and a great potential leader (although most evidence points to the contrary) personally, I'm not willing to find out. The risk is too great.


Anonymous said...

The Whooa's

Concerning Palin, TPC's view is unfair. You can not compare her to a First Lady. France's first lady, and the Queen of Jordan are trophy wives. Palin gets to do real stuff. It's like comparing the USA Female Softball team to France's Baseball players wives. Obviously the wives will be hotter than the players.

My philosophy on US politics is dead on accurate and it's the real reason McCain chose Palin. (I was right on Philip Rivers and I am right here as well) Look at the trend in US Politics.
Bush > Kerry
Bush > Gore
Clinton > Dole
Clinton > Bush I
Bush I > Dukakis
Reagan > Mondale
Reagan > Carter

In every election over the past 30 years the cooler candidate has won. I hate to sound like an 8th grader but it is true. I almost always vote republican but will admit Clinton was cooler then Dole & Bush I.

Barack Hussein has more style then McCain. Choosing a hot chick was the ultimate move. At the risk of sounding sexist, she has spunk. A hot chick who likes hunting. This makes the race close.

ThePeoplesChamp said...

Ya Whooa's,

I wasn't comparing Palin to a First Lady, I actually am quite excited about having a most attractive Vice President. Worst case she doesn't do something like invent another internet like a past VP, at least we have the attractive thing going for us.
Now, once that point was made, then I said we need to institute the Hot First Lady Trophy Wife Policy. When TPC reigns Supreme Being Over the World, this policy will be instituted along with mandatory Stattracker for every fantasy league player and a No Hands out Tipping policy to "every guy you see from getting yours bags at the airport to checking into the hotel".

ThePeoplesChamp said...

Also, who are you saying is going to win?

Anonymous said...

The Whoo'as

Unfortunately, I think barack HUSSEIN obamma is going to win.