Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I always wonder....

a new feature by The People's Champ about things I wonder about...........

.....why do people always look in the tissue after they blow their nose? What are they expecting to find?
.....why didn't Agent 98 get more press? Seriously, in the 70's you had Ginger, Mary Anne, Pinky Tuscadero and if you really want to go nuts, Jennie Picolo. You're telling me Agent 99 wasn't in that class? She had the 70's boppy haircut, the 70's mini skirt, she packed heat AND she had her number retired by every NHL team for all time. What can beat that? Maybe she wasn't as glamorous as the Movie Star or as cute as Mary Ann? She was much more wholesome than Pinky and down to earth than Jennie. She had the entire package. Okay, would you believe part of the package?
......Speaking of Happy Days, why didn't anyone think there was something wrong with a guy who wore the same clothes everyday, hung out with much younger High School kids, stole money from the juke box and his office was the Men's room at the local diner? Every kid dressed and talked and tried to act like The Fonz and no one thought anything of it.You think this kind of stuff would pass muster these days?
.....why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways? Okay, that's my Steven Wright plug for the day.
.....why we emphasize social skills so much in Nursery and Kindergarten, but we live in a society that is minimizing these skills more and more each day (unless of course you count email, text message, facebook, IM'ing, etc as social skills).

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