Friday, September 5, 2008

Lesnar to take on Couture for UFC Gold Nov. 15

Brock Lesnar, former WWE Champion, 2000 NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion and current Ultimate Championship, Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) has gotten his chance at the title, as UFC's President Dana White patched up a year long legal battle with 5 time UFC Heavyweight Champion, Randy "The Natural" Couture.

Many think this is way to soon for Lesnar, who is only just developing MMA skills, including submissions and striking. Lesnar has only 3 career fights (2-1) but after his total domination against Heath Herring, a very legitimate UFC Heavyweight fighter, I think he's up to the challenge.

Lesnar has shown to be the most physically gifted athlete to ever walk into the Octagon. Never has there been seen such an incredible combination of speed and power from such a large fighter (Lesnar stands at 6'3" and a chiseled 265 pounds). Couture, a former NCAA Wrestling Champion took a similar path. However, as great a Champion as Couture has been, I think Lesnar gets the better of him and continues his path to MMA domination. His size, speed, strength and quickly developing MMA skills will prove that Lesnar is, as he was called in the WWE, THE NEXT BIG THING.

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