Friday, February 6, 2009

Uriah Hall goes for Muay Thai Title

The People's Champ would like to wish his MMA instructor, Sensei Uriah Hall, good luck tonight in his Pro Muay Thai Regional Championship at The Combat at The Capitale.
Sensei Hall is currently undefeated as a Professional Fighter (10-0). He is the #1 ranked Light Heavy Weight in the WCL, a Professional Kickboxing league run by Chuck Norris (I know, Chuck Norris doesn't really run.....The world orbits around him...). His opponent tonight is the current US Kickboxing Champion James "B-52" Smith. Hall defeated Smith in their last fight after avenging his only loss to date EVER in the ring, a decision he lost to Smith in his first Amatuer fight.

Bring the belt back home! OSU SENSEI!

Here's one of Sensei Hall's Fights. Enjoy.


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It was an amazing fight, the fought like the male lions over a pride, excellent video, Uriah is definitively one of the best fighters in the world.