Monday, February 9, 2009

The Reaction to Arod

Here are some of my initial thoughts to date on the Arod situation .

1- It's a disgrace and somehow very convenient that out of a list of 104 players (of a supposed anonymous test) Arod's is the one name we know. It's BS. And although Arod is 100% wrong, this witch hunt directed at him and him only is unfair. I think these sources need to be held accountable.

2- Arod did the right thing to an extent by admitting he was wrong and stupid. He took the path that has shown the most forgiveness (ala Pettite and Giambi) and went away from the denial path of Bonds and McGwire. However, he didn't come off that well in the interview. How can he not know what went into his body? Just say what you took and move on. Let's get over this already. there's no more downside for him. Every admission would only help his cause now.o

3- While this taints things, the bottom line is this is the first guy that has come out that was a steroid user and his performance stayed the same post steroids (he has been continually tested since 2004- although there still isn't an HGH test out there). I think Arod's records are legit as opposed to Bonds, McGwire and Sosa who all had a huge increase in production with the 'roids and all basically fell off the map after they were exposed. Arod was exposed in 2004 and still has performed at an amazingly high level since.

4- Stop talking about past guys and they didn't use PED's First off, there has been steroids around since 1960's and we don't know who was or wasn't on it. Every Hall of Famer and ex-player you hear from the 50's-70's you hear talks about the obscene amount of amphetamines they took in order to be able to play and stay focused. Why are they given a free pass? Why just the steroid guys? Plus, steroids was technically legal in baseball up to 2003 assuming they were under a physicians care. Why only the steroid guys? Why is he different than the guy who was popping amphetamines to play at his level? The answer is there is no difference, so everyone in the media should get off their hypocritical high horses and get back in touch with realty.
Guys in the NFL get a 4 game suspension and move on with nothing to worry about after sterpoids and guys in baseball fail one test and they are done for life. Why the hypocrisy?

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Anonymous said...


Pettite was just as full of shite as ARod. The difference is people like Andy. Pettite went from an 87 MPH fastball to 92. BS he just used HGH when hurt.

I just read Torrie's book while recovering from surgery. What an A Hole.

I trully hope the Yanks win it with this group and Girardi.

Besides, Arod is a neuratic Jew, how can you not root for him.