Friday, February 13, 2009

Marion- O'Neal and Moon Deal Fantasy Impact

In case you haven't heard, Shawn Marion (a card carrying member of The People's Champ in his Fantasy League) has been dealt along with Marcus "No Factor" Banks to Toronto for Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon.
Here's the breakdown from a fantasy perspective:

Marion- Marion should have an immediate boost in value for a number of reasons. First, he was playing in a system in Miami that was centered around Dwayne Wade and his shot first approach (not that there's anything wrong with that.....). Marion is an extremely talented and gifted athlete who has very little one on one skills. He is not a player that can create his own shots. He needs to be fed in transition to be most effective (as he was in Phoenix). Toronto's offense is run through a classic pass first point guard in Calderon and this will only help Marion. Second, Miami had no identity besides Wade. Beasley is an offensive weapon they haven't been able to utilize. They have no effective big men. Marion just got lost in the shuffle. Funny as it might sound, Toronto has a much more defined role system. I think Marion gets his averages closer to 18 points 10 rebounds without the other numbers falling (if anything just increasing).

Bargnani- Bargnani should have an immediate upside impact as he should replace O'Neal as the Raptors starting center.

O'Neal- O'Neal should have the same numbers generally, maybe a little upside in boards as he will have no one to compete against for them as he did with Bosh in Toronto.

Beasley- Beasley should step into the starting small forward role in Miami and will become the second option to Wade as Miami's main scorer. Since he wasn't starting the first half of the season his minutes increase shouldn't have the negative "rookie wall effect" that most have.

Moon- Moon should become either the 6th man in Miami or the starting small forward, either way he will be replacing the Marion role, which should have an increase in all his stats across the board.

All in all this trade will help all fantasy players involved.

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Anonymous said...

Marion is case of a decent player having great numbers in a D'Antoni system> he won't do much better in Toronto.