Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bets- TPC Gives out the Props

I like the Cards getting the 7.
I like the over 46 but don't love it.
I like the Cards +115 to record the games first sack.
I like the Steelers -115 to make the games shortest FG.
I also like the Steelers -110 to make the longest FG.
Take the 3rd Quarter, +285 for most points scored in the game.
Take the over 2 1/2 for how many times NBC shows Brenda Warner during the live telecast. You also get +135 for that.
Take the Cards +550 to win the game by 7-12 points.
I like the Steelers -105 for their first Offensive TD to be passing.
Also take that bet +250 that the their first score period will be a passing TD.
I like the Cards +120 to have the games first intereception (caught not thrown).
Born to Run +125 will be the Boss's closing Song at halftime.
Take Larry Fitz +460 to win Super Bowl MVP.


Anonymous said...

The Whoo'as bet the following:

Arizona +6 1/2 77 to win 70
Arizona Over 20 to win
Boldins longest catch would be over 18 1/2
Boldin to score a TD
Arizona +6 1/2 Parlay Over 46

Yes I did well but it hurt when Pitt scored that TD. Winning money but having your team lose hurts.

Anonymous said...

Many interesting facts about this game and the Arizona team.

1) Pitt is not that good, offensively pretty bad

2) Az run defense is fascinating. They are pretty good unless you pound them.

3) AZ is the only team where the opposing QB always feels he is playing the offense more then the AZ defense. (Delholme especially)

4) Fitzgerald is so different then other great recievers. Just pure body body control and ball anticipation. Average speed, size etc. Would have loved to of seen a hail mary.

5) Ben Rithlessburger is overrated. I never thought he was good and never will. The opening and ending drives were all him, the rest of the game he was average.