Monday, February 23, 2009

N.Y. Rangers Fire Tom Renney

N.Y. Rangers fire coach Renney amid losing skid

The Rangers slowly slipping out of playoff contention have finally let go Coach Tom Renney.
The Rangers had dropped to 31-23-7 after a stretch in which they lost 10 of their past 12 games, slipping to sixth place in the East after starting the season winning 10 of 13. Renney was 164-121-42 with the Rangers in his 5 seasons with the squad.

When Renney took over this team, the franchise was old, reeling and totally non competitive. He changed the atmosphere around the rangers and changed their culture which gave them a lot of success the last few years (having Lunqvist in goal didn't hurt either). he also single handedly saved Glen Sathers job, who for the love of G-D cant understand how he is still employed by an NHL franchise.

Renney was a classy coach. a good coach, however as the old saying goes "you cant replace 25 players but you can replace the coach" so Renney needed to go. The Rangers were reeling and the coach needs to take that blame.

A few thoughts.

1- The Rangers in the past three years have not been able to build an effective power play and this year they have dramatized that by also giving up a league leading 14 short handed goals. It is the coach's responsibility to right that wrong. Renney couldn't do that despite having talent (although in his defense his blue line talent is horrid).

2- The Rangers were playing listless and were not focused. They would play 20 minutes, then take 10 off, then play 10, etc. They took two Too Many Men ON the Ice Penalties yesterday, which was a direct result of their focus (or lack thereof). The coach's fault.

3- He was not able to get the most out of any of his players. Pretty much to a man this season, across the board, the Rangers were all having their worst seasons ever as pros- except King Henry. The Coach needs to get the best out of his guys and Renney couldn't do that this season.

Renney was a good coach in a tough situation. Sather gave him a roster without any ability to make moves because of the salary cap mess Sather got into. He has 3 good defenseman. That's tough to maneuver.
The Rangers need Sean Avery back in the lineup and they need a coach that will keep them in the rears and get them back on track. It's a sad day for the Rangers because they fired a good man and a good coach, but there was little choice left.

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