Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Arod-Gate will Help the Yanks

It happens almost every year. The Yankees sign the best and brightest (and of course- most expensive) of the Free Agent Class, have a blow out press conference, all smiles and back slapping, and then the business of actually playing baseball starts.
Usually around the middle of May the fans get impatient because the $10-$20M a year guy is hitting .230 or the pitcher is sporting a 5.76 ERA and we all remember the focus and attention in NY is unlike any other place, especially after someone signs a huge contract. The pressure is enormous even for the best of them.
It happened to Giambi, Arod, Pavano, Abreu, Clemens, etc, it always takes time for the player to adjust. The main reasons are simple 1) getting used to living in a place like NY, and 2) getting used to the constant media and fan pressure which a big contract brings upon oneself in a place like NY.

What the whole Arod saga did was make people forget (and the scrutiny on Arod will only get bigger once he reports to camp and when the book comes out in May) the big contracts signed by Sabathia, Burnett and Texiera. Amazingly, living in NY I haven't even heard a peep about the Big Three in weeks. Normally, the pressure and scrutiny -especially- on Sabathia and Texiera would be so great, they would be hard pressed to succeed right off the bat. It's rarely done here in NY. Mussina had some early success, but other than him I don't recall a big Free Agent that got off to a fast NY start. Arod has helped these guys immensely and in turn the Yankees, amazingly as that might sound.


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Anonymous said...

Will TPC be comparing this April's Yankees to prior April's Yankees?

I like this years Yanks a lot.