Thursday, February 19, 2009

UAE will allow Israel's Ram to play in Dubai

UAE will allow Israel's Ram to play in Dubai

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What a joke. The UAB has shown their true colors and are not as they want to portray themselves "as a moderate Arab nation". They are your typical, racist, Jew hating nation as the other Arab nations. As always, actiosn speak louder than words.

The real loser here is the ATP. If they had any cajones, they would have pulled all tournaments and events after Shahar Peer was not allowed a Visa to enter the UAB to play in her scheduled Womans ATP event.
What would the PGA tour have done if the UAB didn't allow Happy Gilmore into the country to play in an event?

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ramsees said...

Why the hate sounds like you have issues. Perhaps, you are the rascist in this circle! Don't you think?
Green is such a ugly color on you.