Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Farve from Retired

Brett Favre told Jet officials today he is retiring. Uh huh.......When have we heard this routine before? You think maybe you can understand a little bit better what Packer brass were going through the last three years, especially with a stud like Rodgers on the bench?

In my opinion this retirement will last until about May, when somehow another job will open up (you think Minnesota would like to have Favre?) or possibly even in training camp when some incumbent starter gets injured and the team is scrambling for a veteran QB. Either way this is good for the Jets. It allows them to move on and still save face without having to cut Favre.
It also gives them compensation when he will pull the inevitable "Unretire" and goes to another squad.
As wrong as I was about Favre coming to NY, he still gave the team instant credibility, was a key factor in turning around a 4-12 team to a 9-7 season (as well as an 8-3 team to 9-7), and still caused multiple orgasmic reactions from the talking heads at ESPN and the like, not to mention John Madden got one more year out of his Greatness.


Anonymous said...

However, I don't think he will be as quick to join a team with a whole new playbook to learn.

I think he is done until mid-season or when a QB goes down that was in a similiar offense.

Then he can just come in and have some fun.

BettorFan Fantasy Sports said...

The Lions already signed him.

ThePeoplesChamp said...


That wouldn't have surprised me one bit :)